FIFA 22 players demand changes over “terrible” Spurs stadium issue

Nathan Warby. Last updated: Jan 07, 2022
FIFA 22 Spurs stadium

FIFA 22 recreates all of its real-life stadiums with a stunning level of detail, all the way down to the shadows they cast on the pitch. But fans are begging EA for an option to turn them off, as they are ‘hurting’ players’ eyes in online Ultimate Team matches.

Particularly on next-gen consoles and PC, FIFA 22 prides itself on offering one of the most realistic football games that players can buy. This is partly down to the real-life stadiums recreated in-game, which can be used as your home ground in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Every aspect of each licensed stadium has been considered, from the shape of the stands to the shadows they cast onto the pitch in sunny weather. However, the latter is making for poor visibility in online matches, and players are desperate for EA SPORTS to give them the option to turn them off.

FIFA 22 Spurs stadium ganeplay
While the shadows add to the realism, it makes it difficult to see your own players.

Visibility has been an issue in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team ever since launch, as the option to have green pitch lines has been wreaking havoc in Division Rivals and FUT Champions. Now, Reddit user mark364i has taken aim at the shadows on the pitch.

In his post, the player uploaded a screenshot showing just how much impact the shadows can have in sunny weather. The picture is of Spurs’ Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where it is virtually impossible to see the edges of the pitch, including the penalty area.

In past FIFA titles, players have been given the option to change the time of day or weather, but this feature is bizarrely absent in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, though it is available in Career Mode. Many players responded to the post asking EA to either let them change the climate or turn off shadows altogether for a clearer view.

“I played against someone using this stadium. Hurt my eyes so much and when my opponent attacked to this end it was near impossible to defend,” said one player. “Why can’t they remove shadows or let us pick the weather/time?” asked another.

The concern is that this, along with feint pitch lines, can be used as a tactic online to through off opponents. Given that Spurs’ stadium is brand new, and belongs to a beloved club, it is certainly turning up a lot in matches.

EA SPORTS has promised regular updates throughout FIFA 22’s lifecycle. Fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that a fix comes sooner rather than later so that they no longer have to worry about the stadium their opponents are choosing to play at.