FIFA 22 players call for major ICON overhaul in Ultimate Team

Joe Craven
FIFA 22 ICON template on background
EA Sports

FIFA 22 players are calling on developers EA Sports to overhaul Ultimate Team’s ICON cards as they struggle for viability and popularity amid the game’s meta and dwindling market. 

ICONs have long been some of the most coveted cards in FIFA. The collection of legendary players comes in a number of forms to capture different moments in the player’s career. From Base to Mid to Prime to Moments, each ICON is adaptable to a number of play styles and positions. That doesn’t mean they’re good, though.

FIFA 22 has experienced major market issues since its launch, with the values of high-rated players relatively low. 84 rated cards are selling for discard prices and ICONs are not immune to the slump either.

Whilst cheap ICONs would have been welcomed in previous titles, they are simply not suitable for FIFA 22’s meta, which sees strong and agile players incredibly useful. Naturally then, players want changes.

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 4
Legends like Pele are among the players playable because of ICONs.

In a January 1 post entitled “Some ICONs feel completely pointless”, player ‘Iloveshortbreadb‘ highlighted their major problems with the cards.

“Trying to use world class players such as Pirlo, Roy Keane, Scholes, Baggio, Schweinsteiger, Thierry Henry, Gerrard and many others feels almost useless against the super juiced French 11 that most, if not everyone uses,” they said. “You have a nice squad of icons thinking that you could put on some sort of world class performance but they get absolutely mauled by the most mediocre of players.”

Their points were echoed by many and, looking at the FUT market, appear to be reflected in the ICONs’ prices. A card like Rulebreakers Ousmane Dembele still sits 430,000 coins, whilst ICONs like Claude Makelele can be picked up for just 125,000 coins.

One player commented: “The most important factors to make a card OP are body type, pace, agility/balance, and stars (mostly for attackers). And most icons lack those exact things.”

Another simply pointed out that Presnel Kimpembe has better in-game stats than Italian ICON Alessandro Nesta.

It’s ultimately up to EA to make any changes but, with ICONs more worthless than ever, many feel this is the time to act.