FIFA 22 player slapped with ban for calling their club ‘PuyolPantsDown’

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One FIFA 22 player has been hit with a ban for naming their Ultimate Team ‘PuyolPantsDown’ as a tribute to the great Barcelona player.

You see all kinds of wild names while playing Ultimate Team, and that definitely hasn’t changed with FIFA 22.

Unless there’s outright profanity or an attempt at it though, you usually don’t see players getting banned for what they call their team.

However, one FUT manager’s cheeky nickname for their squad did find them targeted by the ban hammer — at least temporarily.

EA not laughing at ‘PuyolPantsDown’

On February 6, Reddit user powertoola posted the image they received from EA informing them the “inappropriate” name for their club had netted them a seven-day ban.

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A tribute to Barcelona legend Carles Puyol, this player named their club ‘PuyolPantsDown,’ an obvious play on words, that apparently didn’t go over well with one of their opponents.

None of the words in the name are inappropriate, at least on their own. That means they wouldn’t be picked up by any filters or scripts that EA have in place.

If they were, powertoola wouldn’t have been able to use the name in the first place.

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Maybe ‘PuyolPantsUp’ would have gone over better?

Instead, it must have been another player who was so offended by the name, or maybe just suffered a painful defeat against the team, that they decided to report the name themselves.

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Either way this player will now have a week to come up with another nickname as they wait out their ban. They’ll have a hard time topping this one though, cheeky as it is.