EA confirm there is no PC limit for FIFA 22 after confusion over 'machine limit' - Dexerto

EA confirm there is no PC limit for FIFA 22 after confusion over ‘machine limit’

Published: 14/Jul/2021 14:39

by Nick Farrell


On July 13, the FIFA 22 Steam page suggested that there would be a “one machine limit” for PC players who purchase the game, but EA has now confirmed that this is completely inaccurate.

Another year of football is coming to gamers worldwide, as FIFA 22 will be hitting shelves on October 1, 2021, and players can’t wait to see what EA is going to deliver with this year’s iteration.

Leading up to the game’s release, EA announced there will be two editions players will be able to purchase for the game’s releases – Ultimate Edition, and Standard Edition. It was announced during the reveal trailer and on the EA website that much of the new Hypermotion Next-Gen technology will not be available on PC platform, which was already a huge blow.


However, there is another glaring problem that some players spotted when going to pre-order the game on PC, with a message saying that the game had a “one machine activation limit.”

Only playable on one PC?

So, it was believed that if you switch PCs or have to sign in to another machine, you won’t be able to access FIFA 22, as it’s locked to the PC you purchased it on. This of course seemed like a massive oversight at first glance, as there aren’t many other titles that have rules like this.

With preorders now opened, EA have confirmed in a statement to Dexerto that this one machine limit is not accurate.


“We can confirm that there is not a one-machine limit for FIFA 22 on PC via Steam,” the statement reads. “This was listed incorrectly, and the limitation has now been removed. We apologize for the confusion and thank our community for noticing the error.”

While PC players might have felt like they were being punished by EA, this clarification will definitely put some minds to rest. A one machine limit is certainly not standard practice, so this turned some heads when it first came out.

Thankfully, EA have put all our woes to rest, and the PC master race can enjoy FIFA 22 across as many devices as they would like if they buy it on Steam.