FIFA 22 goalkeepers get major changes in secret Ultimate Team update

Ter Stergen in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has shipped major changes for FIFA 22 goalkeepers in a secret January 20 update on January 20, focusing on “increasing effectiveness” for goalies against the title’s meta attack option ⁠— out-of-the-box long shots.

Like many past FIFAs, this year’s Ultimate Team meta has become focused around a few specific strategies, including cutbacks, constant pressure, and long shots.

Just days after Team of the Year promo began, EA is looking to fiddle around with the title’s 2022 meta, and have rushed out a secret patch ⁠— Live Tuning Update #3 ⁠— to do just that. This time around its goalkeepers (last changed in Update #4) that have landed in their sights.

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There’s both buffs and nerfs hitting goalies.

Following the January 20 patch, FIFA 22 goalkeepers will now struggle less to deal with long-range shots, but will concede a few more “close range” opportunities.

Ederson in FIFA 22.EA SPORTS
Goalkeepers have been changed again in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and other playlists.

“Close range” nerfs

Goalkeepers will now struggle more in one-on-one situations, which are often created by holding “Y” or “Triangle” ⁠— a command that rushes out your lone goalie.

The January 20 update is looking to “reduce effectiveness” when it comes to these goalkeepers saves, across all platforms. If strikers or wingers are within close range (6.1m or 20 feet) or less, they will have a higher chance of scoring.

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EA devs explained they wanted to reward attackers for creating strong chances, especially because “keepers could make quick reflex saves too often.”

Long shot changes

Long-range chances are heading in the other direction, however. Goalkeeper effectiveness against distance shots (9.8m or 32 feet, up to 11.2m or 37 feet) will now be increased, especially when flair shots are used.

“Keepers were letting in ‘reachable’ shots from distance,” the devs said. “Shots from range will have a chance to score, but ‘keepers will make more saves.”

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Live Update #3 appears in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team menus.

These new changes have already gone live across all Xbox, PlayStation, and Origin PC editions, and will only require a small in-game download for players. The update is also live in Kick Off, Pro Clubs, and Career Mode playlists.

EA SPORTS released a planned Ultimate Team update earlier this month, on January 12, which nerfed driven passes, buffed goalkeepers, and plenty more.