FIFA 22 FUT players stunned by “cheap” Jorginho TOTY card

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Even though FIFA 22’s Team of the Year promotion is a distant memory away now, they are still pretty much some of the game’s best cards, and Jorginho’s card, in particular, is selling for ludicrously low amounts of coins now.

Every year the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team calendar is jam-packed full of mouthwatering promotions to try and tempt players to part with their coins and open packs. Team of the Year is the pinnacle for many as it rewards the hard work of Europe’s best players throughout the course of a full year.

Even though Team of the Season is currently the main promotion in FIFA 22, fans are still trying to get a hold of the game’s best ICONs and even the still, insanely expensive TOTY cards.

The price of one of them has left FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players confused though as Chelsea Midfielder Jorginho’s card appears to be remarkably cheap for what it is.

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His price has been as low as 358K!

Jorginho TOTY card is weirdly affordable in FIFA 22

The famous expression says that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That could very well be the case for many as there are FIFA 22 players sitting on a couple of hundred thousand coins and feeling blessed, and some are literally quick selling high-rated cards to add to their mountain of wealth.

For a lot of players, a 97-rated TOTY card with nearly 90+ stats in every department is merely a dream, but in the case of Jorginho, it could actually be an achievable reality.

At the moment, according to FUTBIN, players are able to snag the Midfielder’s TOTY card for about 350K on PlayStation. For comparison, TOTY De Bruyne is well over 600K and Kante will basically set you back 2 million coins.

One FIFA 22 FUT thread highlighted this with the OP saying: “How is TOTY Jorginho this “cheap”? Not ideal workrates, but he’s still one of the very best midfielders.”

A commenter on the thread was strongly in favor of the argument and offered something similar: “He’s broken ingame for me, absolutely cracked card. Can defend, attack, and play box to box. Played 1000+ games with him.”

There are still a few months to go until FIFA 23 when players will be trying to get their hands on rare World Cup cards, so now is a great time to procure some insane cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team instead.

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