FIFA 22 Co-Op mode explained: Play with others online in FUT

FIFA 22 Co-Op matchmaking FUTEA SPORTS / Dexerto

EA SPORTS have added more Co-Op matchmaking modes into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. If you want to play friendlies with others online, you now can in FUT. Here’s what you can do, and how you can partner up.

Plenty of changes are coming to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. An entire rework to the Division Rivals and FUT Champions system has been a long time in the works, but smaller features are also gracing players in the next release.

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One of those is a chance to queue up with others in FUT Co-Op matchmaking, which has expanded after its launch in FIFA 21.

Here’s how the new buddy-up feature will work in FIFA 22.

How does FIFA 22 Co-Op matchmaking work in FUT?

The FUT Friendlies Co-Op Public Matchmaking mode allows you to partner up with another Ultimate Team player to play 2v2 against another duo.

You’ll be matched with a partner who chose the same “preferred squad” as you in the selection screen. However, if the game can’t match you quick enough, you might be forced onto a different team.

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Then, it plays out like a typical 2v2 FIFA game.

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You can swap from player to player except the one your teammate controls. You can set up those sick 1-2 plays, or double tackle from the back if you need some desperate defense ⁠— it’s all about linking up.

FIFA 22 co-op matchmaking FUTEA SPORTS
You can choose from a handful of squads in FUT Friendlies Co-Op. You won’t be able to make your own, sadly.

If Friendlies aren’t your thing, you can still play Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and other game modes with your mates. You may be matched against other solos, however.

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Can you share FUT players in Co-Op?

Sadly, you won’t be able to share your own squads and players with others in Co-Op Online Matchmaking in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Instead, you’ll be able to play with a rotation of pre-selected squads revolving around top clubs and nations, recently released cards, and even a few special guest squads from real-life footballers.

They will be evenly balanced, so you don’t need to worry about one super team dominating the meta for a week before the refresh.

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Mason Mount FIFA 22 midfieldEA SPORTS
FUT Co-Op squads will change regularly, giving you a fresh experience.

Can you play FIFA 22 FUT Co-Op with your friends?

You should be able to play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team with your mates if you so choose. You could in FIFA 21, but it’s just been expanded for FIFA 22.

Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and more — you can play with up to one friend in all the modes. The Co-Op matchmaker now just pits pairs against other pairs to make games more balanced.

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