FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 revealed: Dani Alves, Neuer, Dybala, Firmino

David Purcell

EA SPORTS has spared no stat in the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promotion, with Team 2 looking dreamy. A 93-rated Dani Alves headlines the new release, with Manuel Neuer, Paulo Dybala, and Roberto Firmino just some of the names getting big boosts.

Cristiano Ronaldo step aside — FUT Birthday Team 2 has served up some mega cards to rival the Manchester United star.

One of the most hyped promotion on the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar (for good reason), FUT Birthday sees EA SPORTS boost some of the game’s top cards with even more insane upgrades with five-star weak foot or five-star skill moves.

They are often tied to meta beasts in previous FIFA titles too, which is a good throwback for long-time FUT players.

Team 1, released last week, was stellar. Team 2, however, is stacked to the brim. Enough rambling — here’s what you need to know about the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 promotion.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 release date

EA SPORTS released the FUT Birthday Team 2 cards on March 11, with the promotion officially hitting packs from 6PM GMT.

They will replace the first set of cards which launched on March 4, and you’ll have the same amount of time — a week until March 18 — to get the second rotation.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 revealed

Let’s be blunt — FUT Birthday Team 2 is stacked.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 reveal
FUT Birthday Team 2 is wild, to say the least.

First cab off the rank is that beautiful Dani Alves upgrade. The RB has gotten an upgrade to 93 rating with both five-star skills and five-star weak foot, making him one of the best cards this cycle, period. It also wouldn’t be a FUT Birthday promotion without a five-star skiller keeper, and Manuel Neuer has gotten the nod this time around.

The leaks did reveal an Argentinian player with hopes high for a Lionel Messi appearance after Ronaldo in Team 1, but it was striker Paulo Dybala instead with a five-star weak foot upgrade.

The big names don’t stop there though. Roberto Firmino and Wilfred Ndidi both have gotten upgrades, and so too Nabil Fekir and Lucas Paqueta.

You can find the full FUT Birthday Team 2 list here:

  • Dani Alves — 93
  • Neuer — 93
  • Dybala — 93
  • Roberto Firmino — 92
  • Fekir — 90
  • Lucas Paqueta — 90
  • Sanchez — 89
  • Silas — 89
  • Ndidi — 88
  • Yuri Berchiche — 88
  • Djiku — 86

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 leaks

Lionel Messi -- a free agent for now -- is shining for Argentina in the 2021 tournament.
Many expected Lionel Messi to make a FIFA 22 FUT Birthday appearance, but he did not.

The full team for FUT Birthday Team 2 wasn’t leaked this time around — at least not days in advance.

FUT Sheriff did drop the full list just hours before the promotion went live, getting 10 of the 11 names correct (minus Nabil Fekir).

There were hopes from early teasers of an Argentinian player in the promotion that Paris Saint Germain’s Lionel Messi would arrive. There had been huge speculation about the Argentine’s involvement since Team 1 featured Ronaldo, as the debate over which player trumps the other rages on.

However, that debate will still rage on without the star’s appearance.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday SBC & Objective cards

FUT Birthday isn’t just in packs, with SBCs, Swaps, and Objective cards also on offer. Don’t have the cash to splash on packs? You can get these guys for free (or for fodder, in the case of SBCs).

Be sure to check back as EA SPORTS launches more SBC and Objective cards for the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promotion.