FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT upgrades explained: How do they work?

FIFA 22 Fantasy FUTEA Sports

The Fantasy FUT promo brings a number of new items to FIFA 22 and also gives players a chance to earn upgrades based on real-life matches. Here, we’re going to show you how it works.

According to EA, the Fantasy FUT promo will make “every performance count,” and focuses on teams fighting for league position and individual displays from their players as well.

Fantasy FUT players will have the chance to unlock upgrades of +3 OVR based on the IRL performances. For example, if Rashford hits a certain amount of appearances, he will be bumped up.

The requirements and how it all works are explained below.

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How to get FIFA 22 Fantasy FUT upgrades

+1 / +2 OVR upgrade explained

First off, Fantasy FUT players will earn a +1 OVR upgrade if they make three appearances in their next five domestic league games, as well as a +1 OVR upgrade if they make an appearance in a team win in one of these next five domestic league games.

+3 OVR upgrade explained

The third potential +1 OVR upgrade is based on players’ individual performance in their specific position:

  • Attackers and midfielders
    • One goal or assist in their next five domestic league games
  • For defenders and goalkeepers
    • One clean sheet in their next five domestic league games
EA Sports
Players can earn up to a +3 OVR upgrade during the course of the promo.

Team 1 release date and time

The first Fantasy FUT squad is available from March 18 until 6PM GMT (2PM EST) on Friday, March 25th in Ultimate Team.

Here is the full team.

Team 2 release date and time

The second team will be available starting March 25th at 6PM GMT (2PM EST) until April 1st at 5pm GMT (1PM EST).

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There will also be additional players available through Squad Building Challenges and Objectives throughout the two weeks Fantasy FUT is active.

EA Sports
Fantasy FUT Team 1 released on March 18.

Upgrade requirements must be fulfilled within the player’s team’s next five domestic league matches starting after the international break from April 1, 2022 onwards.

Finally, players won’t necessarily earn all three upgrade points. It’s possible to earn the position-specific upgrade without earning the other two potential upgrades as well.