FIFA 22 Board Expectations explained: Meeting your goals in Career Mode

FIFA 22 Board Expectations guide Career ModeEA SPORTS

One of the most important goals in FIFA 22 Career Mode is meeting your Board Expectations. As a manager, you’ll need to make the right transfers and play well to keep your job. Here’s exactly how they work, and how you can meet your goals each year.

It’s one thing to get a managerial job at your favorite club in FIFA 22. However, you have to be able to maintain it by completing Board Expectations set out at the start of every season.

If you do, you’ll keep your job. If you don’t though, you might be fired and forced to take the helm at a lower-league club. We’ve got a guide to meeting those Board Expectations in FIFA 22 though, and the types of challenges you’ll face.

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FIFA 22 Manager Rating Player Career ModeEA SPORTS
Being a manager in FIFA 22 Career Mode is more than just good performances on the pitch.

FIFA 22 Board Expectation categories

There are five major Board Expectation categories in FIFA 22; unchanged from past editions. They revolve around success both on and off the pitch.

They will be given a rating from 1-5 each season. 1 means they are of the highest priority, and are critical to your club’s success. 5 is low priority, but good to achieve regardless.

  • Domestic Success: Focused around doing well in league and cup play. Often has goals surrounding promotion and survival.
  • Continental Success: Focused around doing well in European and international football in your region.
  • Brand Exposure: Focused around giving your club a presence, selling jerseys and tickets with great performances and building a reputation.
  • Financial: Focused around making sure you have enough money to tackle each transfer window by selling and buying enough players.
  • Youth Development: Focused around developing young talent and either promoting them to the first team or selling them on for a profit.

The objectives themselves will vary in both length and complexity, but for the most part, if you play well, you’ll achieve all your goals.

Borussia Dortmund FIFA 22 Career Mode Board ExpectationsEA SPORTS
You can see your club’s Board Priorities when you first start a FIFA 22 Manager Career Mode save.

Long term vs short term objectives

In each category, the board will expect you to complete a series of long and short term objectives.

Some are more skewed towards future success, like youth development. It will typically have longer-term goals around promoting youth team players. However, domestic success markers are more short term, focused around finishing in a specific position that season (and achieving promotion in the long term).

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Achieving both is key to keeping your job, but more often than not, hitting short term goals is more important.

Changing Board Priorities in Create a Club mode

In FIFA 22, you’ll actually be able to control your board expectations as a manager ⁠— if you create your own club.

Instead of being forced to focus on domestic or international success, you can have your side focus on bringing in youth talent and not be penalized for it.

Once the board priorities are set, you can’t change them, so be mindful.

Hitting these expectations is key if you want to remain at the helm of your club. Directors in FIFA are relatively generous, but fulfilling all expectations will make sure your rating at the club stays high — especially if you don’t achieve trophies or major results.

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FIFA 22 Career Mode Create a ClubEA SPORTS
You can customize your board expectations when you create a club in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

International manager expectations in FIFA 22

If you do well at a club level, you will occasionally receive international manager jobs to add on to your FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Smaller nations will have lower goals — some will just want to qualify for the World Cup. Others will have big dreams of lifting the trophy.

As an international manager, your expectations will be solely results based. If you don’t perform well when it matters, you will get the boot, so be sure to build strong squads.

A small tip too: If you become an international manager, it’s worth setting up youth academies in that nation to generate top-level talent in the future. You can get some great players for club and country by doing this!

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If you decide to take your managerial skills to the international stage, be expected to put up results.

How to best reach Board Expectations in FIFA 22

  • Complete each objective: It sounds simple but by doing your best to complete each objective, you’ll get a pass from the board.
  • Focus on high priority expectations: Be sure to complete your critical priority expectations first, as not doing so might cost you the job.
  • Win trophies: If your club is earning promotion or winning titles, boards will be a lot more lenient in achieving goals.
  • Play around the transfer window: This is the objective category that gets neglected the most after the first season. Don’t forget you’ll need to trade around players to adjust your squad’s average age for some objectives, or make money off of transfers.

If you fulfil all of these, not only will you lead your existing club to success, but you’ll be earmarked for bigger managerial jobs and perhaps international gigs.