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FIFA 21 Summer Heat promo: Start time, cards, SBC & Objectives

Published: 4/May/2021 15:09

by Connor Bennett


FIFA 21’s Team of the Season promo is in full swing, but what comes next? Well, some fans believe Summer Heat will make a return, so here’s what we know. 

When FIFA Ultimate Team hits the Team of the Season stage of things, many fans are already looking towards next year and what the next installment of FIFA will bring.

Last year, at the end of FIFA 20, EA SPORTS took a page out of the playbook from Madden and NHL Ultimate Team modes by introducing a carryover promo that would lead into FIFA 21 with Pre-Season.

Before we got there though, and had the chance to earn early content for FIFA 21, we had Summer Heat, which, pardon the pun, brought some pretty fiery players to the mix. But will the promo return this year?


The Summer Heat promo brought some things that have carried over to FIFA 21.

When does Summer Heat start in FIFA 21?

Well, the answer of now is, nobody knows. EA hasn’t said anything about promos beyond Team of the Season, and that looks to be their full focus right now.

However, if we were to speculate on when we could see the promo return, it would have to come at some point in June or July.

That is traditionally the point where the FUTTIES promo comes out, but that is what Summer Heat replaced last year. It depends on whether or not EA has something else up their sleeve this time around.

Summer Heat FIFA 21 cards

Last year, the promo brought a handful of new cards of its own through Squad Building Challenges, but most of the focus was put on re-releasing some of the best promo cards from FIFA 20.


That would be a pretty simple thing for EA to re-do again this year, especially as players find themselves with plenty of coins left over, with nothing really in mind to do until the new game releases.

Re-released cards were all over FIFA 20’s Summer Heat promo.

Will FUTTIES return in FIFA 21?

As previously noted, Summer Heat replaced FUTTIES last year, so EA could easily decide to bring the traditional promo back to its usual slot.

FUTTIES has always been a fan-favorite, especially as brings interaction in the form of voting – and we usually end up with some slick cards because of it.

Again, though, it’s on EA’s shoulders and they’re the only ones who can make a decision on what’s coming next.


Whatever promo comes next is sure to be full of new cards, objectives, SBCs, and more, so it should be pretty fun either way.

If any more information surfaces about Summer Heat, or the return of FUTTIES, we’ll update this hub. Otherwise, you can follow our Twitter accounts – @UltimateTeamUK and @FUTWatch – for more.