FIFA 21 Squad Battles exploit gives players easy wins


A new exploit in FIFA 21 Squad Battles is allowing players to pick up easy wins and it works on all difficulties.

Since FIFA 21’s launch back in October, fans have found multiple bugs and glitches that affect the gameplay experience. From the unsavable shot exploit to the glitch that forces your goalkeeper off the pitch, this year’s FIFA certainly can’t be described as a polished title.

Well, FIFA players have discovered another exploit in the game’s Squad Battles mode that makes it easy to pick up wins on any difficulty.

It’s no secret that the majority of the FIFA players dislike Squad Battles and consider them a grind for rewards. So it’s no surprise FIFA players are delighted to hear there’s a way to finish them as fast as possible.

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Opposition teams won’t be celebrating many goals with this exploit working.

Squad Battle exploit grants players easy wins

A thread posted to the FIFA subreddit by wahoos22 has revealed a new exploit for Squad Battles that allows players to complete them with ease.

This replaces the fake shot exploit that was used in Squad Battles at the game’s release but was later patched by EA in November.

The exploit is relatively simple and renders the AI completely useless for the entire game. The user said: “There is a working replacement for the Squad Battles sake shot. Works on All Difficulties including Ultimate.”

The exploit involves a player passing back to their goalkeeper and then tapping the ball into empty space. The keeper will then run after the loose ball and the AI on the opposing team will no longer press or attempt to gain possession.

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As you can see, the defense becomes stuck and will no longer attempt to take back the ball. This allows players to score a goal and then wait out the entire match, picking up an easy win with no effort.

It’s difficult to know how long it’ll be before EA patch the exploit as the fake shot bug persisted for over a month. Either way, there’s no doubt FIFA fans are making the most of the easy Squad Battle wins while it lasts.