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FIFA 21 Season 1 Storyline cards revealed

Published: 29/Sep/2020 16:00 Updated: 29/Sep/2020 18:31

by Connor Bennett


The first batch of Storyline Cards for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team have been revealed just days before the game goes into its EA Play Early Access period. 

As anyone who has played FIFA Ultimate Team knows, there are plenty of different variations of cards to get your hands on. When the game first kicks off each year, the most lucrative of these are typically the Team of the Week or Ones to Watch cards.

Starting in FIFA 20, though, EA SPORTS introduced a battle pass-like system where players could earn XP through playing games, completing challenges, and other avenues.

This system, which offers plenty of rewards including stadium cosmetics, coin boosts, and exclusive cards, is returning in FIFA 21 – and EA are kicking things off with a bang when it comes to the new Storyline cards.

EA Sports
With the FIFA 21 year getting underway, there will be plenty of new content to explore.

FIFA 21 Storyline players

On September 29, just days before the EA Play Early Access period gets underway, a number of EA Gamechangers – see, popular content creators – were allowed to start streaming the game.

As a result, they were able to explore plenty of the new features and give viewers a heads up on what they’ll be able to do when they join the FIFA 21 party – and that includes showing off the new Storyline cards.

The first of these new cards are 85-overall versions of Arsenal’s Alexander Lacazette, RB Leipzig’s Marcel Sabitzer, and Paris Saint-Germain’s Juan Bernat. These cards are unlockable once you hit level 30 on the Season 1 rewards for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 storyline cards on white background
Graphics: EA SPORTS
The three confirmed cards and their stats.

For anyone asking where the Level 15 cards are, well, they aren’t in the game just yet and it’s likely that the Level 15 reward is some sort of pack rather than a player.

In FIFA 20, the Level 15 cards were added in the later seasons, so that could very well be the same story here. We’ll just have to wait and see what EA decides to do throughout the course of the FIFA 21 year.


How to complete FIFA 21 FGS token swaps SBCs

Published: 27/Oct/2020 14:34

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS are bringing out FGS Token swaps SBCs so that you can cash in your tokens for rewards. Here’s what you need to know about the new Squad Building Challenges. 

With the FIFA esports scene growing year on year, EA SPORTS have started using rewards for fans who tune into the different events every time they roll around – with everything from packs to player drops being possible.

This involves having your EA SPORTS account linked to your Twitch account, and then it’s all about kicking back, watching the action, and hoping you strike it lucky with a drop.

With FIFA 21, things are changing ever so slightly. EA are offering up special FGS Player tokens to anyone who watches an hour of the action, and these tokens can then be used in squad building challenges. 

However, unlike trying to complete a Player of the Month or Flashback SBC, you won’t have to build an entire squad around one of your tokens.

Oh no, instead, you’ll be able to take the tokens and swap them directly for rewards. It’s pretty simple, the more tokens you have, the more rewards you’ll be able to complete. 

Just take the tokens to the SBC that you’d like to complete, pop them in, press complete, and wait for your reward to pop out. For now, these rewards are all about packs, and you can find the different levels below.

FIFA 21 FGS Swaps SBC requirements

  • Jumbo Rare Players Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 5
  • Mega Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 4
  • Prime Electrum Players Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 3
  • Premium Gold Pack: FGS Swap Players – exactly 2
in-game screenshot of the FGS Token swaps SBCS
Screenshot via EA Sports
The SBCs are currently in-game, but tokens aren’t available just yet.

As of writing, these challenges can’t be completed because the FGS Tokens are not currently live. However, once they are, just follow the steps above to claim a reward. 

These rewards are set to be available for the next 30 weeks. That’s right, 30 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about getting tokens fast. Simply bide your time, and you’ll get a reward at some point. 

The current crop of rewards, the four packs, could very well change over the course of the year, so we’ll keep a keen eye on things over the next few weeks.