FIFA 21 leak reveals long awaited change to ‘Advantage’ system

Virgil Van Dijk and Vinicius jr tackle in FIFAEA SPORTS

Referees look set for a pretty big change in FIFA 21 after new leaks hinted at tweaks coming to the way advantages work following a foul. 

Anyone who has ever sat down for a game of FIFA will, at one point, felt aggrieved by a referee. Be it because they mistakenly gave a penalty or didn’t blow up for an obvious free-kick, the virtual refs have caused a few dozen controllers to be smashed over the years. 

Each year, players put forward their ideas for changes to EA and while the devs do make tweaks, the referees still cause plenty of anger.

However, it appears that in FIFA 21, players will get more control over the situations where referees play advantage when you’d rather see them just flat out give the foul.

Erling Haaland in FIFA 21EA SPORTS
Hype has been building for FIFA 21 as EA teases some new features.

As apparent gameplay from the new title has appeared online, some eagle-eyed fans have been combing the videos to try and see some new features.

During one of the games between Manchester City and Liverpool, players noted that after a foul was made the symbol for an advantage being played appeared in the top right-hand corner. Below it, though, was a prompt for the L2 and R2 triggers. 

This, it appears, is a change that would allow players to forego the advantage and take the foul. A huge game changer? Maybe not, but it certainly would be vindication for those fans who have demanded something similar be added in the past. 

Obviously, nothing is confirmed just yet as EA have stated that they will have a bigger FIFA 21 reveal in August for the different modes.

Leaks from the gameplay footage have noted apparent changes to FUT Champs – Top 100 expanding to the Top 200 – as well as Division Rivals tweaks. But, we’ll just have to wait and see what EA announces as things could change.