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FIFA 21 invisible goalkeeper glitch stops ball from crossing the line

Published: 5/Apr/2021 11:43

by Jacob Hale


A bizarre glitch in FIFA 21 is stopping the ball from crossing the line, even when the goalkeeper or defenders haven’t even touched it.

FIFA is a franchise no stranger to frustrating or weird bugs, glitches, and issues. Earlier this year, players were wrongfully getting free 500k packs in Ultimate Team, while another glitch from earlier in the season somehow plants goalkeepers behind the net for a goal kick.

Apparently, having a properly functioning goal line and goalkeepers is a slightly harder task than we might have imagined though.

If you feel like you’ve been hard done by in your Weekend League matches, this bug will probably make you feel slightly better about your losses.


FIFA 21 ball in goal
Even when it looks like you’ve scored, you shouldn’t get too excited just yet…

With Listen_Lopsided looking to score against his opponent, everything that could have possibly gone wrong, did.

With the ball floating around the goal line, limbs and bodies flailing, the ball looked like it crossed the line.

With no defender there to save it, Listen_Lopsided must have thought he had scored — but the ball bizarrely bounced back out of the goal. This, despite the goalkeeper being stopped by the outside of the post, and no defender around to tap it out.

Ahh yes… Second invisible GK unlocked from r/FIFA

It’s unclear why exactly this happened. It almost looks as if it could have been knocked out by the goalkeeper’s outstretched arm if the post wasn’t actually there.


Besides this, there’s little other believable explanation for why it would happen. Not only was a goal stopped by an invisible wall of some sorts, but it also looks very clearly over the line, with no goal given.

Whether this is the reason or not, it makes absolutely no sense, and is definitely something EA SPORTS will want to take a look at and figure out why these issues could be happening.