FIFA 21 David Beckham ICON cards might be most expensive yet

Beckham FIFA 21EA

EA Sports has finally announced the much-anticipated ICON versions of David Beckham to FIFA 21. However, it seems that the timing of his addition to the game has raised a few questions.

David Beckham needs no introductions, the midfielder played for some of the biggest clubs in the world: Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid, PSG, and…the LA Galaxy.

The 100 ICON cards currently in FIFA 21 will see another legendary player join their ranks after the expiration of Beckham’s exclusivity deal with Konami.

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Now a part-owner of Inter Miami, he will finally join the pantheon of iconic players on the biggest football game in the world on the 4th of December.

What will this mean for the market?

Back in late September, EA confirmed that ICONs will be implemented differently from previous versions of the game, with the four versions of each card being exclusively available in packs for specific windows of time.

The Base versions of ICON cards will be removed from packs starting in mid-December, meaning Base David Beckham will only be available for a couple of weeks.

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The popularity of the player in the FIFA player base, combined with the hype created by EA Sports, is sure to create high demand for his new card.

The short availability will surely result in one of the most expensive cards the game has seen thus far.

EA Sports has changed how ICONs will be introduced.

Now the community questions how this situation is going to be tackled by EA.

More specifically, users are wondering if the developers will introduce the Base David Beckham as an SBC after removing the card from packs, allowing for more players to get their hands on one of the most popular footballers of all time.

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For the moment, EA has not commented on whether Base ICON David Beckham is going to be available for longer in packs or if this is the only period we will see the card available.

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