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FIFA 20 TOTSSF: How to complete Payet SBC, Gueye & Golovin Objectives

Published: 29/May/2020 21:39

by Albert Petrosyan


The Ligue 1 Team of the Season (TOTS) So Far is now available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and with it three untradeable cards that layers can unlock via SBC and Objectives – TOTSSF Dimitri Payet, Idrissa Gana Gueye, and Moments Aleksandr Golovin.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Ligue 1 TOTSSF in FIFA 20, and for good reason – the squad is as star-studded as it gets with the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Ben Yedder, and more.

However, players might be more excited about some of the less expensive options EA have made available, including the new 93-rated Dimitri Payet SBC, as well as Objectives for 93 Gueye and 89 TOTSSF Moments Golovin.

Payet, Gueye, Golovin TOTSSF in-game stats

Payet is known as a world-class playmaker for Marseille, and the in-game stats of his Team of the Season card certainly reflect that. Four categories that average out to over 90 is more than enough to catch anyone’s eye, and that’s not even mentioning his stellar physicality ratings.

The only slight negative about this card is that it’s a winger and not a central midfielder, like his base and Halloween Scream versions, but the in-match team shuffling should allow you to play him at CAM after kick-off.

EA SPORTSIn-game stats for Payet’s TOTSSF SBC card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Next is Idrissa Gana Gueye, who made his surprise move from Everton to PSG last summer but has flourished in Paris’ star-studded midfield. His stats are remarkable for a box-to-box midfielder; all categories are either in the high 80s or low 90s with the exception of shooting, which is still at a more-than-acceptable 80.

EA SPORTSIn-game stats for Gueye’s TOTSSF Objectives card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Last but not least we have Aleksandr Golovin, who had a strong campaign for Monaco in his second season since transferring from CSKA Moscow. The Russian striker is known for his rapid pace, reliable shooting, and skilled dribbling, all of which are boosted nicely in his TOTSSF Moments card.

EA SPORTSIn-game stats for Golovin’s TOTSSF Moments Objectives card in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Payet TOTSSF SBC requirements, solutions, cost

As good of a card that Payet’s TOTSSF item is, it’s not too expensive, requiring two squad building components that, combined, currently cost around 150,000 coins on PS4, 149,000 on Xbox One, and 166,000 on Origin PC to complete, according to FUTBIN.


  • Players from France: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 84
  • Team chemistry: Min 80
  • Players in squad: 11
  • Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack


  • Players from Ligue 1 Conforama: Min 1
  • TOTSSF, TOTW, or TOTW Moments players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • Players in squad: 11
  • Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack

Here are the current cheapest solutions for both SBC squads without requiring loyalty or position change cards. Please note that since player prices in the FUT Market are constantly fluctuating, the cost of these teams may go up or down depending on when you attempt it.

FUTBINCheapest solution for France component of Payet’s TOTSSF SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.
FUTBINCheapest solution for Ligue 1 component of Payet’s TOTSSF SBC in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team FUT.

Gueye TOTSSF Objectives

In order to unlock Gueye’s TOTSSF card, you must complete these four Objectives that are now available in your FUT menu. Each one also offers its own pack reward and XP boost.

  • Senegal Sentinel: Score a goal in 2 separate Rivals matches using Senegalese players. Reward: One Two Players Pack
  • Past PL Protector: Assist with a Through Ball in 3 separate Rivals matches using Premier League players with max. 3* Skill Moves. Reward: One Gold Pack
  • Midfield Maker: Assist 10 goals in Rivals using Midfielders with max. 3* Weak Foot. Reward: One Small Electrum Players Pack
  • Ligue 1 Leader: Score and Assist in 6 separate Rivals wins using Ligue 1 Midfielders. Reward: One Electrum Players Pack

Golovin TOTSSF Moments Objectives

Golovin’s card is actually a TOTSSF Moments, which means that his Objectives are a bit easier to do, as they can be completed in Squad Battles instead of Division Rivals, where you’re bound to come up against some tough opponents.

  • Moulded in Moscow: Assist in 4 separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using League of Russia players. Reward: One Gold Pack
  • Finesse in France: Score 5 Finesse goals in Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Ligue 1 players. Reward: Two Players Pack
  • Precision Passer: Assist 2 goals in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) using Midfielders with min. 4* Weak Foot. Objective Reward: One Small Electrum Players Pack
  • Goalovin!: Score in 6 separate Squad Battles wins on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) using Ligue 1 Midfielders with min. 4* Skill Moves. Objective Reward: One Electrum Players Pack

Ligue 1 SBC & Objectives expiration dates

Payet’s SBC was only added for six days, which means that it will be expiring on Thursday, June 4, but you will have a day longer to complete the Objectives for Gueye and Golovin, both of whom will be available until Friday, June 5.

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How to watch FIFA 21 TOTY 12th Man Reveal during Twitch Rivals Showdown

Published: 23/Jan/2021 0:38

by Bill Cooney


EA Sports will be revealing the FIFA 21 TOTY 12th Man during the Twitch Rivals “12th Man Showdown” on January 26, and we’ve got all the info on how to watch the reveal for yourself.

Traditionally, FIFA has always put out an 11-man TOTY squad, along with another player that narrowly missed the vote called the “12th Man.”

That hasn’t changed this year, and along with the reveal of the Team of the Year Attacker ratings on January 22, it was also announced that the 12th man would be revealed during a Twitch Rivals tournament on Tuesday, January 26.

How to watch the FIFA 21 12th Man Showdown tournament

Like we mentioned above the tournament kicks off at 10 AM PST/7 PM CET on January 26 with some of the top FIFA streamers battling it out for their share of the $50,000 prize pool.

You can watch the action on any of your favorite streamer’s channels if you know they’ll be participating, but if you want an overview of all the action in one convenient place, you can tune in on the official Twitch Rivals channel, which can be found below.

This will also be where FIFA is going to present the 12th Man sometime during the tournament. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact time for when the big reveal will take place during the broadcast, so to ensure you don’t miss it, at least keep the main stream on in the background.

Who will be FIFA 21’s 12th man for TOTY?

Even though we now know who’s made the cut for this year’s TOTY squad, that doesn’t really make it any easier to predict who will slide in under the cutoff to make 12th Man.

Neymar Jr. is an obvious pick, along with Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son. Sadio Mane is another contender, and our man Mohammed Salah might not have made the starting XI (like we predicted), but he could sneak in here.

Finally, Messi surprisingly did not make this year’s TOTY, and it’s not hard to see him getting a ton of votes, so don’t be surprised if he pops up as well.