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FIFA 20 Title Update 13 patch notes makes long-awaited changes

Published: 17/Mar/2020 13:38 Updated: 17/Mar/2020 21:29

by Connor Bennett


EA SPORTS have dropped Title Update 13 for FIFA 20 which sees a few changes made to connection for online matches, in-game animations, and a few bug fixes. 

In addition to their constant updates for Ultimate Team in the form of new cards, squad building challenges, and squad battles, EA SPORTS has been constantly updating FIFA 20 whenever a few new problems arise.


In the last patch, the developers nerfed the uber-popular overload ball side tactic so that players would lose stamina a tad faster than normal. In the new patch, Title Update #13, they’ve focused on other things like glitchy animations, a better indication of your connection to a match, and a few tweaks for Career Mode.

EA Sports
Constant updates have been made to FIFA 20 to keep the game fresh and up-to-date with real-life football.

The highlight change in the new update for FIFA 20 comes in the form of the tweaks to the animations. Since the updated physics were introduced a few games ago, players have been left frustrated with supposed ‘fouls’ leading to penalties, sending offs, and all-around bad play.


Now, the developers have noted that players will no longer perform contextual grabbing animations while in a Jockey state, so that they can defend a little easier and not go rushing into a foul.

Elsewhere, tweaks have been made to ensure that Ultimate Team matches will have a better connection, as a numerical indicator will show the ping to data centers.

This means that you’ll no longer just have the on-screen bars to represent what is a good connection between players. You will actually be able to judge if the game is going to lag all that much when it starts.

EA Sports
Using jockey to defend should be a little easier in FIFA 20.

You can find the full patches from the FIFA 20 Title Update 30 below, including visual bug fixes, presentation changes for the Premier League in Career Mode, and a few changes to selected team kits. 

The patch clocks in at about a 4.7GB download for Xbox, 4.3GB for PlayStation owners, while the Origin on PC stats aren’t available as of writing.

FIFA 20 Title Update #13 patch notes and download size



Made the following changes:

  • Players will no longer perform contextual grabbing animations while in a Jockey state.
  • Slightly increased precision of magnitude of analog stick inputs in online matches.
  • This change is most noticeable when aiming a penalty kick during an online match.
  • Slightly reduced sprint sensitivity.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Following a Skill Move and while still in possession of the ball, players would sometimes perform a tackle instead of a requested shot.
  • Addressed rare instances of a ball boy taking a long time to return the ball for a throw-in.


Made the following changes:

Added a numerical ping indicator measured in milliseconds to online match lobbies in modes that use data centers.

The ping bars remain on the lobby screen and represent the following values:

  • 5 bars indicate 30 milliseconds or less.
  • 4 bars indicate 31 – 76 milliseconds.
  • 3 bars indicate 77 – 100 milliseconds.
  • 2 bars indicate 101 – 150 milliseconds.
  • 1 bar indicates 150 milliseconds or more.
  • Added a Traits tab to the Player Details pop up, detailing all of the Traits that the selected Player Item has.

Addressed the following issue:

  • Level 30 Seasonal Objective Player Item rewards were incorrectly displaying an out of contracts icon, this was a visual issue only.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • Some elements of the Premier League presentation package remained on screen during gameplay.
  • Removed out of place text on CONMEBOL related News stories.


Made the following change:

  • Removed running celebrations.


  • Updates to multiple kits.

FIFA 21 Ones to Watch Team 1 countdown: OTW release time & players

Published: 7/Oct/2020 13:17

by Jacob Hale


With the launch of FIFA 21 seeing millions of football fans across the globe start competing to try and become the best in FIFA Ultimate Team, the first Ones to Watch promo team is fast approaching. Here’s everything we know about it.

Ones to Watch follows players that have transferred to other teams, promising them upgrades for every time they make a new promo such as Team of the Week, Team of the Tournament and more.


As such, OTW cards are highly desirable, and if you get a decent one at the start of the year, you could see a lot of improvements as the season unravels.

So, here’s everything we know about Ones to Watch in FIFA 21, including release dates and times, the players included and more.

Nathan Ake Manchester City FIFA 21
Nathan Ake is a confirmed OTW player after his transfer from Bournemouth to Manchester City.

FIFA 21 Ones to Watch release date & time

We now know that the Ones to Watch is going to be up and running soon, with its first availability on the weekend of launch. Here are the dates for the cards being released:

  • October 9-16: OTW Team 1
  • October 16-21: OTW Team 2
  • October 21 onwards: OTW Teams 1 and 2

It’s worth noting that you will get a Guaranteed OTW Item if you preordered the game before August 14, and the card you receive will be based on which date you open the pack, in correspondence with the dates above.

Most FIFA promos drop at 6pm BST (11am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5am AEDT), so expect packs to be available from that time starting October 9.


Confirmed OTW players

So far, a small selection of players have been confirmed as Ones to Watch cards, though we expect more to be announced over time.

AC Milan FIFA 21
A number of players and clubs are featured in the first OTW team of FIFA 21.

Here are the confirmed players that will feature in the opening weeks of FIFA 21 Ones to Watch:

  • Timo Werner – 85 – RB Leipzig to Chelsea
  • Gareth Bale – 83 – Real Madrid to Tottenham Hotspur
  • Hakim Ziyech – 85 – Ajax to Chelsea
  • Thiago – 85 – Bayern Munich to Liverpool
  • Martin Odegaard – 83 – Real Madrid
  • Achraf Hakimi – 83 – Real Madrid to Inter Milan
  • Allan – 83 – Napoli to Everton
  • Nathan Ake – 79 – AFC Bournemouth to Manchester City
  • Luis Suarez — 87 — Barcelona to Atletico Madrid
  • Kai Havertz — 85 — Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea

Tonali OTW SBC

As well as these, Sandro Tonali (77 OVR, on loan from Brescia to AC Milan) is the first OTW SBC in FIFA 21.


We’ve written up a guide on the cheapest way to complete the SBC if you’re looking to get Tonali in your squad.

Ones to Watch predictions

On top of the confirmed players above, there are several we expect to see have their OTW cards announced soon.


Here’s who we’re expecting to see included:

  • Leroy Sane – 85 – Manchester City to Bayern Munich
  • Ferran Torres – 81 – Valencia to Manchester City
  • James Rodriguez – 82 – Real Madrid to Everton
  • Blaise Matuidi – 83 – Juventus to Inter Miami
  • Ben Chilwell – 81 – Leicester City to Chelsea
  • Jude Bellingham – 69 – Birmingham City to Borussia Dortmund
  • Gabriel – 78 – Lille to Arsenal
  • Victor Osimhen – 79 – Lille to Napoli
  • Willian – 82 – Chelsea to Arsenal
  • Rodrigo – 82 – Valencia to Leeds
  • Donny van de Beek – 83 – Ajax to Manchester United
  • Miralem Pjanic – 85 – Juventus to FC Barcelona
  • Arthur – 84 – FC Barcelona to Juventus
  • Jonathan David – 79 – Gent to Lille
  • Dani Parejo – 85 – Valencia to Villarreal
  • Reiner Jesus – 71 – Loan, Real Madrid to Borussia Dortmund
  • Everton – 81 – Gremio to Benfica

As these are only our predictions, don’t put too much stock into that list, but we would be surprised if at least a few of these players don’t get OTW cards.

In the meantime, you can check out @UltimateTeamUK on Twitter for all the latest news and updates regarding FIFA 21.