FIFA 20 Skill Moves Tutorial: Most Effective Skills on PS4 & Xbox One

Skill moves on FIFA are more or less the same equivalent to power-ups on other video games. You don’t necessarily have to use them, but incorporating them into your play style will help you to become more unpredictable and harder to read. Check out our FIFA 20 skill moves tutorial below.

Skill moves on FIFA 20, work differently than they did on past titles. The mechanics in previous iterations allowed you to perform multiple skill moves in quick succession without losing control of the ball, but this isn’t the case on FIFA 20 – because of this, you should only attempt to chain a maximum of two skill moves in succession.

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The best way to learn how to perform new skill moves is by playing skill games – a practice mode designed to help players get accustomed to the game’s mechanics. We recommend you try out the ‘advanced attacking scenarios’ skill game as it will give you a chance to use skill moves just like you would in real match situations.

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With the above said, here’s a look at the most effective skill moves on FIFA 20;

Most Effective Skill Moves on FIFA 20

Most Effective Skill Moves on FIFA 20

The Fake Shot Stop

Skill Rating: One-Star

The fake shot stop is a great skill move for buying yourself some time to pick out a pass or to create some extra space to get a shot away, especially when you’re under a lot of pressure from your opponent.

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The fake shot stop is performed by pressing O/B + X/A. It is essentially a regular fake shot without any movements applied to it.

It is also a great ‘transition’ skill move as it allows you to perform a second skill move seamlessly, giving you more space to work with as you make your way into your opponent’s box.

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The Drag Back

Skill Rating: Two-Stars

The La Croqueta was the most effective skill move on FIFA 19 due to how easy it was to execute and how effective it was at creating space. Following its nerfing on FIFA 20, the drag back has now replaced the La Croqueta as the most overpowered skill move on the entire game.

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The drag back is incredibly effective at helping you change direction without having to take multiple touches. Because of this, it is the go-to move in the 18-yard-area for pretty much every pro player on the FIFA esport scene.

As its name suggests, when you perform the drag back, your player will drag the ball from one direction before exiting in another direction of your choosing.

It can be executed by pressing R1/RB and moving your left analog stick towards the direction you’d like to drag the ball to.

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The Ball Roll

Skill Rating: Two-Stars

Despite being a ‘basic’ skill move, the ball roll is one of the best moves to incorporate into your play style due to how easily it allows you to dribble past players.

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The ball roll is best utilised in situations where an opponent is running at you in an attempt to tackle the ball. In such a scenario, the ball roll will allow you to evade your opponent’s tackle.

It is also great for finding the perfect angle for a finesse shot.

The ball roll can be performed by moving the right analog stick to the left or right depending on where you’d like to roll the ball to in a given situation.

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The Heel to Heel Flick

Skill Rating: Four-Stars

The heel to heel flick was the most OP skill move on FIFA 18. Its effectiveness has waned over the past two years, but it remains one of the best moves to use on the game.

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The heel to heel flick is an excellent skill move for putting some distance between you and your opponent in a 1 v 1 situation.

It’s a great move to use on the flanks as it allows you to run into space, giving you a chance to cross the ball or execute a cut-back.

The heel to heel flick can be performed by flicking the right analog stick forward then backward depending on the direction your player is facing.