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FIFA 20 players furious at “fake” Lukaku TOTSSF card stats

Published: 25/May/2020 13:56

by David Purcell


After FIFA 20 players and even Romelu Lukaku himself was shocked to see he’d been omitted from the original Serie A TOTS So Far announcement, the eventual reveal of an SBC special card has gone down like a lead balloon. 

You would expect, while slightly later than expected, that Inter Milan fans and other FUT club owners alike would be delighted to see the former Manchester United player finally getting the upgrade he deserves. After all, the card is an astonishing 95-rated, with 94 pace, 97 physicality, and 96 shot – which should make him one of the best forwards around.

With that being said, a closer inspection of the in-game stats leaves much to be desired, which might explain why the promo version is currently available for a snip of around 200,000 coins – for those that are completing the Squad Building Challenge to get them. 


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Here’s how Lukaku’s TOTSSF card looks at first glance.

“Much to be desired” is probably a much nicer way of putting it, though, as some members of the community have accused the stats of being completely fake. That conclusion was drawn by some players after seeing a comparison between Lukaku’s new card and that of Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, who was also included in the Serie A TOTSSF.

As seen in the graphic below, from BrokerFUT, it shows that Lukaku has 97 physicality to Milikovic-Savic’s 96, but the Belgian only has 81 jumping, 86 stamina, and 81 aggression, compared to his counterpart’s 97, 97, and 83 in the same attributes. From that, some have suggested that it doesn’t add up.


There’s no valid explanation for this from FIFA

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The OVR that appears on the card, as well as the average rating in each part of a card’s skillset, is supposed to reflect how the player stacks up against others in-game. However, some have argued that this just isn’t the case with Lukaku’s TOTSSF.

In the Reddit thread, the user that shared the graphic said: “There’s no valid explanation for this,” and they weren’t alone in their criticism. A comment beneath the post reads: “This is actually disgraceful and amounts to false advertising. This isn’t a small miscalculation, this is fabrication of card stats.”


Others reasoned with the statistics, with one stating: “The upgrade formula is a completely valid explanation and I swear it was common knowledge.”

Here’s the full TOTSSF squad for the Serie A in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, where Lukaku didn’t make the cut.

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They are, of course, referencing the system EA uses to generate stats for their cards. This works in a simple way, where the TOTS in-game stats are tallied up by multiplying the original non-inform version’s in-game stats with the TOTS face stats on the card, divided by the non-inform face stat. In this process, obviously some are capped at 99, and others are rounded up and down.

This formula has been a lightning rod in the FIFA community for some time, often leading to confusion seen here where disgruntled players thought they were getting more for their coins than they actually get. It does highlight the need to check in-game stats, though, which is something not everybody does.


While this might not be an ideal calculation and does cause differences between card and in-game attributes, it’s one that has been implemented for consecutive games and does not appear to be on the chopping block any time soon.