FIFA 20 Player Moments FUT Cards (SBCs & Objectives)

by David Cotton


Player Moments are a brand new card type now available in FIFA Ultimate Team. These special items are awarded unique upgrades, which reflect a special moment in a player's career. Every FIFA 20 Player Moments card will be updated on this page throughout the FUT year.

Similar to FIFA 20 Flashback Cards, Player Moments look back at a specific time in a player's career where they performed to an extraordinary level. The difference between these two item types is that Flashback cards focus on a longer timespan, i.e. a whole season, whereas Moments reflect a single game, or even a particular goal.

The release of this new item type is the perfect way to introduce many more interesting players to FIFA Ultimate Team. Throughout the course of this year's title we are set to see a host of nostalgic FUT cards become available exclusively via SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) and Objectives. See the full list of FIFA 20 Player Moments items below.

FIFA 20 Player Moments FUT Cards

Ángel Di María 89

FIFA 20 Ángel Di María Player Moments FUT Card

SBC available from December 7-11, 2019.

Leon Bailey 86

FIFA 20 Leon Bailey Player Moments FUT Card

SBC available from December 1-4, 2019.

Joshua King 84

FIFA 20 Josh King Player Moments FUT Card

Available via Objectives.

José Luis Morales 85

FIFA 20 Morales Player Moments FUT Card

SBC available from November 29 - December 2, 2019.

Have you included any of the above FIFA 20 Player Moments FUT cards in your Ultimate Team squad? Are there any other Moments players that you would like EA SPORTS to release this year? You can get in touch with us via Twitter to let us know all your thoughts and opinions regarding this new item type.