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FIFA 20 leak reveals guaranteed Team of the Season So Far packs

Published: 27/Apr/2020 9:48

by Connor Bennett


A new FIFA data mine has seemingly uncovered some guaranteed Team of the Season So Far (TOTSSF) packs coming to Ultimate Team – but how will you be able to get your hands on them? 

After plenty of speculation about what EA SPORTS were going to do regarding their usual Team of the Season promo, seeing as there is no football being played, FIFA fans got Team of the Season So Far on Friday, April 23.

The new promo is still, very much, the usual Team of the Season – just with the ‘so far’ being a nod to none of the leagues actually being finished. As a result, fans have spent a ton of FIFA Points and coins in the hopes of getting players from the first two squads, Community and English Football League, but there seem to be packs on the way that will guarantee at least some of the cards they want.


FIFA fans were able to vote on the Community TOTSSF.

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In the early hours of April 27, FUTWatch tweeted out that the in-game code had been changed to accommodate a handful of new FIFA Ultimate Team packs.

Focused on the Community and EFL TOTSSF squads that have been released, the description reads ‘EFL TOTSSF Player. Contains 1 Team of the Season So Far player from EFL Championship, League One, or League Two.’ 

There is also a similar description for the Community team – one guaranteed player from that lineup. However, both packs seemingly don’t have a rating cap of say only 90-rated players and below.

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Though the code reads that the pack will be available in the FUT Store, only having one guaranteed player from the TOTSSF squads seems to suggest that it won’t actually be purchasable. 


Instead, we’re likely looking at a squad building challenge reward that will go live in Ultimate Team at some point. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if any supposed SBC requirements would be worth just grabbing one guaranteed player in a pack.