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FIFA 20: EA respond to FUT, Volta and Career mode issues

Published: 28/Sep/2019 15:04 Updated: 28/Sep/2019 15:45

by Joe Craven


Electronic Arts have responded to issues and enquiries from the FIFA community, following a number of problems that have come about since the game’s September 27 release. 

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On September 28, EA published a forum where they reply to a number of community issues with FIFA 20, including concerns around Ultimate Team, Career Mode and the brand new Volta mode. 

Since FIFA 20’s release, many community members have vocalized their issues with the ever-present Career Mode. Many have criticized the lack of innovation the mode has received, as well as a number of issues with the mode. 

EA SportsMany complaints with Career Mode relate to press conferences and the Champions League.
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Career Mode

A number of questions centred on small glitches, that EA have confirmed they are working on patches for. These include the Champions League not loading properly after a few seasons, ‘Ultimate’ difficulty being too easy and press conferences featuring irrelevant questions. 


Some of the longer dev responses relate to the new ‘Dynamic Potential’ feature, and some unrealistic scenarios emerging because of this. As a result of the recent nature of this feature, EA are welcoming feedback and encouraging players to report their findings to a specific thread

Ultimate Team

The majority of feedback regarding Ultimate Team pertains to the updated menu and accessibility of certain features such as Division Rivals Tier requirements will become visible in future updates. 

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The next section EA respond to is general gameplay feedback. This includes the seemingly underpowered nature of crosses and headers in FIFA 20. EA explains that feedback from FIFA 19 necessitated a nerf to this mechanic as a way of scoring. 


“A big part of this decision is an effort to promote skill differentiation and the idea that most of the goals that are scored are the direct result of player actions,” EA said. They also state that they will continue to monitor these mechanics as FIFA 20’s life cycle develops. 

EA SportBalancing defensive and offensive play has proved problematic in the last few years.
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Similarly, EA state that changes to defensive clearances were also based on FIFA 19 feedback and that they will monitor these adjustments. Finally, we can expect to see minor changes to goalkeepers, particularly their tendency to punch a cross they could catch.


The final area discussed is the new VOLTA mode, a nostalgic throwback to the FIFA Street titles of the early 2000s, seeing players able to play with small teams in street environments. 


However, players cannot currently play on the same side as friends, but EA state this is one of their “top priorities”, so stay tuned for an update. 

EA SPORTS FIFAVOLTA will be relatively familiar to long time FIFA players.
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They also confirmed that microtransactions could come to VOLTA later in FIFA 20’s life cycle, but only if they believe it “would add to players’ experience”. 

The full EA Sports Q&A is available here.

It sounds like EA are committed to listening to community feedback, but have some of their own philosophies they want to try and implement, particularly based on the feedback of previous FIFA titles.