FIFA 20 Crossing Tutorial | How to Score from Crosses

In FIFA 19, crossing was the game’s most overpowered mechanic. Your game-plan throughout the year could literally have been to run down the flanks and cross the ball every single time, and you would have been able to rack up a decent amount of wins on the Weekend League and Division Rivals.

However, this is no longer an option, as EA have now recognised how broken the crossing mechanic was on FIFA 19 and opted to nerf its effectiveness on FIFA 20. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t still score from crosses, though.

On the surface, scoring goals from crosses now appears to be incredibly difficult on FIFA 20, but with the right techniques, you will be able to use crosses to introduce a new dynamic to your game and ultimately, score more goals.

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Here are some tips on how to turn crossing into a lethal weapon in this year’s iteration;

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How to Score from Crosses in FIFA 20

How to Score from Crosses in FIFA 20

Tactical Adjustments

Before we dive into the best ways to cross the ball, you need to be aware of some tactical adjustments that you need to make in a bid to improve your chances of scoring from crosses.

First off, to consistently find the back of the net from crosses, you need to tweak your tactics to ensure that you always have players to cross the ball to in your opponent’s box.

After all, you can’t score from a cross if nobody gets on the end of it.

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FIFA 20 Crossing Tutorial Tactical Adjustments

The best way to get your players to flood your opponent’s box for a cross is by increasing the ‘players in the box’ tactical setting in the custom tactics menu to at least six bars. This will get your players to make runs into your opponent’s 18-yard-area as you make your way up the pitch.

Another tactical adjustment you can make is to instruct your players to get into the box in the Player Instructions tab. This way, you’ll always have players to cross the ball to from the flanks.

It would be wise to only apply the get into the box instruction on your forwards, leaving your defensive minded players to lurk outside your opponent’s box to prevent counter attacks.

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The Importance of Physical Players

Tall players play a major role in being able to consistently find the back of the net through crossing the ball. For instance, you can’t expect a player like Eden Hazard, who’s 5’9, to win headers in the 18-yard-area.

You need to have a few tall players who boast immense physicality leading your attack in order to have a realistic chance of scoring headers on FIFA 20.

Crossing Techniques

The El Tornado cross proved to be the most effective technique for crossing the ball on FIFA 19, but things have changed on this year’s title.

Here’s a look at the most effective ways to score from crosses;

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Use The Lofted Cross

The lofted Cross is more or less like a chip or a lob. When executed, your player will lift the ball in the air giving the receiver ample time to position himself for the perfect header.

The lofted cross works best when aimed at the back post and when the target player is tall. The receiver’s height is important due to the aerial battle that almost always ensues after a lofted cross is sent to the back post.

The lofted cross can be performed by pressing L1/LB + Square/X

Get Into Good Areas Before Crossing

A lot of times, FIFA players often spam crosses far away from the 18-yard-area hoping that the ball somehow reaches one of their players.

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Sure, you might get lucky and score a few goals from doing this, but to really maximise your chances of converting a cross into a goal, you need to cross the ball when you’re close to your opponent’s 18-yard-area (see image above).

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Use Driven Headers

It’s no secret that headers are incredibly difficult to score on FIFA 20. In fact, you could cross the ball to an open player with all the time in the world to guide the ball past the keeper and chances are he’ll still send the header wide or over the bar.

The best way to score a header on FIFA 20 is to make use of driven headers instead of the standard heading technique.

The driven header, like the driven shot technique, is a low type of header. When performed, your player will opt to head the ball downwards in a specific direction increasing your chances of putting the ball past the goalkeeper

You can execute a driven header by pressing L1/LB + O/B.