FIFA 20 Corner Kick Tutorial | How to Score From Corners

Many FIFA players believe that they can compensate for their lack of expertise on taking corner-kicks by being good at scoring from open play.

Whilst that is true to some extent, corner-kicks still offer you a chance to gain an invaluable competitive edge over your opponents.

If you master how to take corners, you will find yourself scoring more goals which, in turn, will allow you to secure more victories.

On that note, here’s a look at how to make the most of corner-kick situations on FIFA 20;

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How to Score From Corner Kicks on FIFA 20

Crossing Practice FIFA 20

Understanding The Mechanics

Corner kicks are pretty difficult to score on FIFA 20 if you don’t have a set plan.

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On previous iterations of the game, you could score a bunch of corners just by picking a random spot to cross the ball to. However, things are markedly different on FIFA 20.

Corner kicks on FIFA 20 have to be backed up with some intent for you to have a realistic chance of scoring. If you try to rely solely on luck, or randomness you could go dozens of games without scoring from a single corner.

Here’s a look at some corner kick tactics you could make use of going forward;

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Call A Player Short

Calling a player short involves requesting for additional support from one of your teammates before you take a corner kick. To do this press R1/RB.

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The teammate will stand next to the corner kick taker, offering you the chance to make a quick pass, putting the ball back in open-play.

This is probably the best corner kick tactic on the game, as it eliminates any element of ‘luck’ that would normally influence a conventional corner kick.

Through this tactic, you will be able to create your own custom corner kick technique due to the amount of variety that having a short passing option offers you;

  1. You could opt to dribble your way into your opponent’s 18-yard-area before taking a shot on.
  2. You could pass to an open player lurking outside the box to shoot from long range.
  3. You could pass the ball about until you find an open space to exploit.

There are a bunch of ways you could score from calling a player short, you just need to discover what works for you and stick with it.

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Taking The Corner Kick Directly

Direct Corner Kick FIFA 20

If you’re going to be taking your corner kicks directly, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your most technically adept player, in terms of striking the ball, is the one on corner-kick duty.

The key stats to look out for are crossing and curve. Your corner-kick taker should boast at least 85 on both fronts – this will significantly increase your chances of scoring corner kicks.

Here’s a look at a couple of techniques you could use to score a corner directly;

Near Post Flick-On

The near post flick-on is similar to the traditional near post corner technique – the only difference is, instead of attempting to score with the near post technique, you’re going to use it as a means of distributing the ball to an open player.

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Flicking the ball on, as opposed to attempting a direct header gives you an opportunity to pick out a player with a much better chance of scoring as the game’s mechanics has made it incredibly difficult to score directly from a near post header.

Executing this technique is simple;

  1. Aim your corner-kick towards the near post.
  2. Instead of pressing O/B to attempt a header press X/Y to flick the ball mid-air to an open player.
  3. Strike the ball or attempt a header after the initial flick.

It’s not as accurate as calling a player short, but it gets the job done once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

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Select Your Header

You have the option to select the player you want to head the ball from a corner kick. Doing this offers you more accuracy, increasing your chances of converting a corner-kick into a goal.

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To perform this;

  1. Press L1/LB to highlight a second cursor over your preferred player.
  2. Move that player into a relatively open position in your opponent’s box to give yourself a chance at a free header.
  3. Aim for the player’s position and attempt the header.

Tactical Adjustments

Corners Custom Tactics FIFA 20

There are some tactical adjustments you could make in the custom tactics menu to maximise your goalscoring potential depending on your preferred corner-kick technique.

If you prefer to take short corner-kicks, then ideally you should set the corner kick bar to 1-2 in the custom tactics menu, this will give you more options lurking around the box.

If you prefer to take conventional corners, then you’d benefit a great deal from having the bar set to 5-8, as it’ll give you more options in your opponent’s 18-yard-area.