FIFA 19 Weak Foot Upgrades | FUT 19 Weak Foot Update

by David Cotton


FIFA 19 weak foot upgrades have now officially been applied in Ultimate Team! This new weak foot ability update has been released in order to mirror real life player abilities within the FUT game mode. Take a look at the entire list of FIFA 19 weak foot upgrades below…


Throughout a football player's career the level of their weak foot ability sometimes increases. This can depend on a number of factors, from player confidence, to the general improvement of a player's game. The EA SPORTS FIFA team have updated many player's weak foot ratings in Ultimate Team to better reflect their real life counterparts.

The following list of FIFA 19 weak foot upgrades has been applied and is now live in FUT 19. These upgrades will apply to every version of each player (this includes all in-form cards). If you currently own any of these players in your FUT club, this weak foot update will automatically be applied in-game.

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These new FIFA 19 weak foot updates will increase the value of higher rated versions of these players on the FUT transfer market. Interestingly, a number of FIFA 19 Future Stars now have five-star weak foot abilities! We recommend that you bare this in mind if you currently own one of these players in your club, as they may have already increased in price.

You may also have untradeable versions of these players in your club that are now more useable. See the complete list of FIFA 19 weak foot upgrades below! Each player has been ordered by their league, overall rating, and new weak foot ability. (If you are struggling to see the image below, we recommend zooming in for clarity).


FIFA 19 Weak Foot Upgrades

FIFA 19 Weak Foot Update | FUT 19 Weak Foot Upgrades

What are your thoughts regarding the above FUT 19 weak foot abilities update? Do you think any other players should have been included in this FIFA 19 weak foot upgrades release? We would love to hear from you, so get in touch with us via Twitter and let us know your opinions.