FIFA 19 Crossing Tutorial | How to Score from Crosses

In this FIFA 19 crossing tutorial, we will detail all the different techniques to consistently find players from crosses out wide. Crossing in FIFA 19 is an underappreciated skill. If you currently only use classic crossing, then this guide is definitely for you!

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Crossing is a key component in FIFA 19, as players regularly find themselves in wide positions. Having great build up play to get yourself into dangerous crossing positions won’t be very effective if you can’t pin point a cross. Moreover, you’ll be missing out on many goal scoring opportunities.

Players with great heading attributes will rely on crosses constantly being wipped in throughout a game. In FIFA Ultimate Team, for example, spending lots of FUT coins on a physical forward won’t be very beneficial to you if you aren’t confident in your crosses.

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How to Score from More Crosses in FIFA 19

Crossing in FIFA 19 is generally regarded as being over-powered. With this in mind, being able to master FIFA 19 crossing can provide opportunities to many more goals. In order to be one of the best FIFA players, you can’t afford to have any weak links in your game.

Although there are different FIFA 19 crossing techniques, it is important to not over-complicate your crosses. The key is to use the right power and obviously try to cross to players with good heading attributes. Below, we explain when different types of crosses are best used. The following video also provides great examples of this.

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FIFA 19 Crossing Tutorial

The key things to remember when crossing in FIFA 19 include tracking the runs of your players in the box. This allows you to load the respective power on the power bar to reach the best option, allowing them to smash the ball home. In order to cross the ball, use X (Xbox One) or square (PS4).

Although the AI does most of the work in FIFA 19, you will still need to load the right amount of power. If your options in the box aren’t that great, it’s probably best that you don’t cross the ball. The scenario below requires two and a half to three bars of power.

How to Cross in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 Settings

Your settings will also determine the amount of control you have over your cross. Assisted settings will only require you to adjust the power bar. Semi-assisted will allow you to adjust the direction and manual will leave you on your own.

Power Bar in FIFA 19 

In this scenario, you should start loading your power bar when the striker is about two metres away from the defender. The power bar should be around two and a half to three bars. The ball will arrive just in front of the six yard box, over the defender for you to power home.

The Best Way to Score from Crossing in FIFA 19

Low Driven Crosses in FIFA 19 

Low driven crosses are performed by holding RB/R1 and pressing X (Xbox) or square (PS). These are very beneficial to use if you need the ball to get to your player quickly. Drilling these across the six yard box can be very dangerous.

Having a range of crosses allows you to use the best one required for the scenario that arises. This will provide more effective deliveries, making your job of finishing the chance easier. Learn these different types of crosses and it will bring you more success in Division Rivals and FUT Champions.

Let us know if you’ve had success with crossing in FIFA 19, using these techniques. If any others are beneficial to use, get in touch with us via Twitter.