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FIFA 19 Corner Kick Tutorial | How to Score from Corners

Published: 6/Dec/2018 19:40 Updated: 9/Feb/2019 0:44

by Matt Cotton


In this FIFA 19 corner kick tutorial, we will detail an extremely effective method on how to score from corners in FIFA 19. Many professional FIFA players have started using this particular technique in big tournaments.

Surprisingly, most FIFA users are unsure about which the best way to score from a corner is, many players even give up these opportunities by passing the ball short. During games, players can receive in excess of ten corners, which all provide great goal scoring opportunities. With this in mind, if players do not know the best way to score from these set-peices, they are missing out on many potential goals.

In the FIFA 19 FUT Champions game mode, corners are an important part of gameplay, and can even decide the outcome of a match. Knowing how to score from these set-pieces could boost your FUT Champions Weekend League rank and enable better rewards to be achieved.

FIFA 19 Corners Tutorial | How to Score from Corner Kicks

It is important to note that even with this new FIFA 19 corner kick method, it is still not easy to score from these set-pieces. To maximise your chances, make sure your target player has good strength, jumping and heading stats.

Pay careful attention to the video below, as there are a few intricacies that must be followed in order to succesfully implement this method. We recommend practicing this FIFA 19 Corner kick technique before trying to use it in more competitive game modes.

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FIFA 19 Corners Tutorial

Corner Kick Taker

  • Due to the curve on the cross, it is preferable that you have a right footed player on the left side and vice versa.
  • Pick the taker with the best crossing attributes.

Corner Kick Process

  • First of all, you will need to use your RB/R1 button to call the second player short for the corner.
  • In order to select a player in the box, keep clicking LB/L1 until the cursor is highlighted above the central player.
  • Manually put the target zone inbetween the six-yard box and penalty spot using the right analog stick.
  • Load the crossing bar between two and two and a half bars.
  • To release the cross, click the crossing button one more time once you’re ready.

You should have now selected a player in the box. Even though you are not controlling the corner kick taker, you can still cross the ball into the target zone.

  • As the crosser runs up to the ball, move your central striker as he will be marked.
  • You will need to make sure your player arrives at your target zone as the ball does.

Following this method carefully will provide you with good goal scoring opportunities from corners in FIFA 19. This is effective as the keeper will not be able to intercept the cross, as it will be out of their reach. As long as the player is in the position required at the right time, the ball will usually end up in the back of the net.

Alternate methods include over-powered bicycle kicks. We’re sure many of you have experienced conceding these earlier on in FIFA 19, with CB’s drilling it into the top corner from anywhere. This method is now difficult to score from, as EA SPORTS have now patched the game so that only high agility players are capable of performing an overhead volley kick.

Another method, similar to the one that we’ve just detailed, includes a tall player with good heading attributes standing at the front post. Players cross the ball into this area, which can sometimes result in an easy goal. If this is used against FIFA 19 players that know how to defend corners, you will rarely score using this method.

Let us know the success you’ve had with our FIFA 19 corner kick tutorial. If you’ve also had success with another method for corners in FIFA 19, get in touch with us via Twitter.


Liverpool’s Diogo Jota has incredible FIFA 21 Ultimate Team revealed

Published: 17/Jan/2021 12:52

by Joe Craven


Liverpool and Portugal star Diogo Jota has had his incredible FIFA 21 Ultimate Team revealed, and it’s no surprise how strong it is given the forward’s obvious talent in EA Sports’ title. 

Many Liverpool fans have been delighted with the impact made by Diogo Jota after he signed for the Merseyside club from Wolves during the 2020 summer transfer window.

His pace and quick feet have offered an effective alternative to the established front three, and his impact has already been borne out in some important goals and performances.

Unfortunately, Jota picked up a pretty bad injury back in December and has been sidelined ever since. It seems he’s spending some of his recovery time on FIFA, and his Ultimate Team has now been revealed.

Diogo Jota celebrates in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.
Diogo Jota was in red-hot form for Liverpool prior to his injury.

We’ve already heard of his talents when it comes to FIFA, going an unbeaten 30-0 in FUT Champs back on FIFA 20. His team back then was impressive, but this one is just as strong.

Shared by one Redditor who came up against Jota in Champs, there’s a spot for four of his Premier League colleagues. Nick Pope is in goal, with Adama Traore’s FUT Freeze card at LB. Teammate Joe Gomez is at LCB, with Man City rival Kyle Walker at RCB. James Tavernier’s Headliners card rounds off the most meta back five we’ve probably ever seen.

Into midfield, and meta players swap for pure powerhouses. Vieira, CR7, and Ruud Gullit make up a central three, in behind Diogo Jota’s own 99 OVR pro card. Hirving Lozano’s Headliners card and R9 Ronaldo round off a truly terrifying team. The full team and their ratings are listed below.

Diogo Jota’s FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

  • GK: Nick Pope (82)
  • RB: James Tavernier (86)
  • CB: Kyle Walker (86)
  • CB: Joe Gomez (85)
  • LB: Adama Traore (84)
  • CDM: Patrick Vieira (88)
  • CDM: Ruud Gullit (90)
  • CM: Cristiano Ronaldo (92)
  • LW: Diogo Jota (99)
  • RW: Hirving Lozano (87)
  • ST: Ronaldo (94)

Diego Jota in champs from FIFA

With a team like this and Jota’s in-game talents combined, it’s no surprise that he has a reputation as one of the very best pro footballers when it comes to FIFA.

We hope to see him back on the pitch in real life soon.