EA suspends all FIFA 20 Global Series events due to Coronavirus outbreak


All FIFA events, whether offline or online, EA-operated, or run by third parties with a license have been postponed for the foreseeable future due to the impact of the Coronavirus.

On the same day where President Trump declared a state of national emergency in the United States on March 13, EA Sports and FIFA announced that all FIFA 20 Global Series events have been suspended until further notice.

Unlike other esports leagues that are making an attempt to continue with just online events, FIFA have canceled those as well. This comes after EA officially postponed all of their competitive live events.

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In their announcement, EA and FIFA said their decision “was driven to ensure the safety of our competitors, staff and partners.”

EA’s decision hints at possible exceptions to the decision to suspend events: “This [suspenstion] includes all competitive gaming content except for broadcasts that can be individually produced remotely. Online events, where participants and staff are remote and separated will continue.”

This latest development coincides with the decision from the Premier League, England’s highest soccer/football division, to postpone its ePremier League Finals that were scheduled for later in March. The actual soccer/football matches themselves have also been postponed.

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This alteration to the FIFA 20 Global Series and ePremier League schedule is just the latest in a growing list of changes made to various esports/gaming events around the world in response to Coronavirus.

Both the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League have canceled their live events, and will continue to play out the remainder of the season solely online. The LEC has been postponed for the Spring Season as well, as well as the ESL Los Angeles Dota 2 major, the LoL Mid-Season Invitational, the first Apex Legends Global Series major, and several others.

Events and tournaments including the ESL Pro League, the inaugural FLASHPOINT season, and the LCS have removed live crowds from their events and are staying in-studio.

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All of this in esports occurs while the rest of the world reacts to the outbreak as well. Several countries have declared national emergencies, nearly all sports leagues have been postponed for the foreseeable future, and the World Health Organization officially labeled Coronavirus as a pandemic.

For all events that have been affected by the Coronavirus, follow along with our continuously updated tracker.