EA SPORTS settle on new FIFA name and it’s a familiar one

EA SPORTS logo on top of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team tifoEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has apparently settled on a new name for the FIFA series, and it’s one that might be familiar to long-time fans of the franchise. 

Ever since its inception in 1994, EA SPORTS’ iconic football franchise has gone by the name FIFA as they’ve been able to share the name with the sport’s international governing body.

The two have become synonymous together, and the thought of EA dropping the FIFA name over the years had been laughed off. Though, back in October, all signs started to point towards a proper split between the pair.

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Reports claimed that FIFA wanted EA to stump up $2.5 billion dollars to keep the brand deal going, with the publishers reportedly looking to acquire more rights. As a result, EA confirmed that they were considering renaming their iconic franchise to something different and dropping the FIFA name.

EA statement on renaming FIFA gamesEA SPORTS
EA considering renaming FIFA games.

EA SPORTS reportedly settle on new FIFA name

Now, according to journalist Jeff Grubb, it looks as if they’ve settled on a new name for the series, and it’s one that’s been spotted in trademark filings before.

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“EA Sports Football Club, EA Sports FC, that’s the name of the game,” Grubb said on his Giant Bomb show Grubbsnax.

“I saw trademarks for it, I thought that could be just a feature like an online mode. I asked around about it… that’s it, that’s the name.”

Kylian Mbappe celebrating in FIFA 22EA SPORTS
EA SPORTS may lose the FIFA name before long, but there’s plenty they could add.

The EA FC tag should be instantly recognizable to long-time fans of the FIFA Franchise, given it has been used before. The name was used back in FIFA 15 as EA introduced a social hub to the game, so you could see your friends’ activity.  It was even used in the name for the in-game catalog.

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While EA look determined to drop the FIFA name, it’s likely that the link between the two will stay in some way, given how hard it’ll be for long-time fans to stop using the name.

There isn’t a set point for which EA will introduce the new name, and with leaks claiming that FIFA 23 will feature a World Cup mode, they would have to use the FIFA branding there. So, it could be 2024 before the franchise has a new name.

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