EA SPORTS reveal 10 secret FIFA 20 tips you might not know

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have revealed a whole list of really useful FIFA 20 control tips and tactical details right in time for the FUT Weekend League. 

The game's developers have been adding new content to Ultimate Team, Career and other modes since their latest installment to the FIFA series released in October, although there are a few features in-game that might give you an upper hand. Although, not everybody appears to know about some of them.

Tweaks have been made to formations, player instructions, team tactics and more in recent years, so let's take a look at the 10 things not all FIFA 20 players will know about. Pro players look away now.


On February 13, the official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account decided to drop a shed load of information in a huge thread, with tips ranging from sprinting techniques to goalkeeper instructions. So, let's take a look at them and how they all work.

FIFA 20 top tips from EA SPORTS

1. Hug sideline

Using the 'Hug Sideline' feature in FIFA 20 does not impact attacking midfielders (CAM) in the narrow 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 formations. Instead, only impacting players in the LM, RM, LW, RW positions.

Sancho in FIFA 20
Players like Jadon Sancho are impacted by the tactic.


2. Strafe Dribble

For those who aren't aware already, EA wanted to point out that players can sprint exit out of the Strafe Dribble. That exit can be made faster, too, with players who have high agility, balance and dribbling stats.

A tweet from the developers said: "You can quickly make use of small spaces anywhere on the pitch, but you might give the ball away if you're not careful."

3. Team Pressure

A lot of players will apply the Team Press tactic to their team during a game, but it's unclear as to how many actually know what impact it has on the team. By enabling it, you're basically setting your custom tactic defensive style to constant pressure.

4. Sprint

If you double tap RS in a particular direction, when you have the ball, it will knock it further in front of you than just a normal tap would. This can be useful when looking to challenge an opposition player's pace.

Double tapping RS


5. Control your passing

If you want to control your pass direction, a controller setting called the Late Pass Receiver Lock can do just that. The Early Pass Receiver will lock your pass direction a little sooner than the Late control, meaning you have to be much more precise

6. Celebrations

You can instantly skip celebrations and replays after scoring by clicking both of the bumpers at the same time (L1 and R1 or RB and LB). A lot of players will know this one already.

7. Goalkeeping adjustments

Goalkeepers can be moved during free kicks by clicking either X and B or Square and Circle, depending on which console you're playing on.

This will move them left and right on the line, which can be useful for closing down the angle of a shot or making the most out of your wall. Holding R3, however, allows you to move around with the keeper.

There's a useful goalkeeper control when defending free kicks.


8. Heading

Sometimes it can be tempting to use passing buttons to head the ball clear when defending, but it's actually much more effective – as a clearance – to use the shot button instead. This is B or Circle on Xbox and PlayStation, respectively.

9. Runs

You can ask more than one player at a time to make runs off the ball using LB/L1. Using RB/R1 can also be useful to call players short, making them easier to pass to.

10. Lift your passes

Finally, EA SPORTS have revealed that tapping an intended ground pass for a second time actually lifts the ball from the pitch a little, which can be quite useful when passing lanes look closed. Using this, you might be able to squeeze the ball through the gap.

So, there you have it! Those are the 10 tips that FIFA 20's developers shared with fans on February 13, some of which you may have already known. Hopefully, though, there will be at least one thing that you learnt from their post.