Major FIFA Points price change revealed ahead of EA SPORTS FC 24

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Electronic Arts raised the price of FIFA Points in certain territories ahead of the EA Sports FC 24 launch later this year.

A few weeks ago, Electronic Arts announced plans to enact price changes across an unspecified number of games due to “changing economic conditions.”

The company said the adjustments would enter into effect starting June 1, with the impacted titles including the likes of Apex Legends and Madden 23.

EA’s price balancing initiative only applies to certain regions, thus far. Given the latest news on the matter, FIFA players in the affected territories will want to remain informed about price changes.

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EA launches FIFA Points price adjustments

In an post, the publisher revealed that FIFA marks the latest title to undergo a pricing update. The message reads in part, “As we continue to see global economic fluctuations, including significant changes in currency valuation, we’re working to balance prices of our live service content across all currencies globally.”

Starting June 1, then, users in certain territories will notice price increases for FIFA 23’s FIFA Points on and the EA App. Meanwhile, players in other regions will notice a price reduction.

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Known regions affected by the FIFA Points price changes

According to the numbers crunched by FUTBIN, PlayStation owners in the UK can expect a pretty significant increase.

For example, the previous pricing model sold 100 Points for £.79; now the same number of Points costs £.99. 12,000 Points once ran £79.99 but will now have users paying £87.99.

While it doesn’t seem as though the prices have changed in the United States, FIFA faithful in regions besides the UK are facing higher FIFA Point costs.

Twitch streamer CrispyTV said 12,000 Points in Australia used to retail for $120.00 AUD. Thanks to EA’s update, such a purchase currently boasts a $150.00 price tag. And even with the EA Play discount, streamer DavisPlayzz notes that New Zealand has additionally been impacted by a steep increase in FIFA Points prices.

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Notably, this only applies to PC and PlayStation platforms, so Xbox users are in the clear for now. It’s presently unknown if similar changes will make their way to Microsoft’s ecosystem.

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