EA Sports FC 24 to copy popular NBA 2K feature according to leaker

. 27 days ago
EA Sports FC with NBA 2k MyCOURT
EA / 2K

Football fans are both excited and nervous to see what EA Sports FC 24, the rebrand of the FIFA series, will have in store. According to one leaker, the publisher will be adapting a popular NBA 2K feature that fans have been asking for.

FIFA 23 will be the final game in EA’s football franchise to use the FIFA name before the series gets rebranded as EA Sports FC. After a nearly 30-year partnership, it’s no surprise that fans are curious as to what the future will hold.

2022’s game is already shaping up nicely, after a host of new licenses and FUT Heroes were revealed, but little is known about how EA Sports FC 24 will look.

Well, we may have our first details, as according to one FIFA leaker EA is looking to rival sports series NBA 2K and bringing over a fan-favorite feature.

2K’s NBA games have made great strides in their Career Mode, and EA Sports FC could aim to do the same.

Leaker FUTZone has claimed that a free roam mode similar to NBA 2K’s MyCOURT is in development for future releases, a feature that has long been requested by FIFA players.

MyCOURT is essentially a hub accessed in between games in the NBA 2K equivalent of Player Career, where players can freely wander around or shoot some hoops. It’s also crammed full of minigames that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

According to FUTZone, EA Sports FC 24 will follow suit with a range of street pitches or generic stadiums to be explored before and after matches. The option will also be there to invite friends, as the leaker claimed that Online Career Mode is being worked on in tandem.

FIFA Player Career has been lacking for time compared to 2K, which offers everything from sponsorship deals to penthouse apartments for players to make use of. Recent NBA 2K releases have expanded the MyCOURT concept into a fully-fledged open world called The City, complete with shops and NPCs.

While it’s unlikely that EA’s first attempt will aim that high, fans will be excited to see Player Career get expanded on with more freedom and customization options.

It’s worth noting that while the leaker has been proven right in the past, their alleged leaks have sometimes missed the mark. So until the feature is revealed by EA, this news should be taken with a pinch of salt.

We’re still pretty far away from the release of  EA Sports FC, but we still have plenty of FIFA 23 content to look forward to in the meantime.

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