EA slammed over FIFA 22 pre-order “false advertising” as fans demand compensation

FIFA 22 Ones to Watch EA SlammedEA

EA have been slammed by the FIFA community for “false advertising” after the developers confirmed that a FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition ‘Ones to Watch’ bonus had been incorrectly listed. 

FIFA fans will be long accustomed to EA dropping multiple different editions of the yearly football title. While previous years have included Champions, Ultimate, and Standard versions, FIFA 22 is only dropping in Ultimate and Standard forms.

As has become customary, the Ultimate edition comes at a higher price tag with a host of bonuses, including four-day early access (meaning players can begin playing on September 27, rather than having to wait until October 1).

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition EAEA Sports
FIFA 22’s Ultimate Edition will cost £89.99, but offers more bonus content.

However, controversy has emerged in the build-up to the game’s release, after EA confirmed that one bonus item had been incorrectly listed. As part of the Ultimate Edition, players were promised a One to Watch player pick item in an EA Help article.

In actuality, players will simply earn an untradeable OTW player, but will not be given a choice. A player pick item sees the game generate a number of cards, from which players can pick their favorite (often the highest rated).

EA confirmed the mistake on September 18, and said they have now corrected the article to reflect the Ultimate Edition’s bonus content.

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A number of responses were incredibly critical of EA, suggesting that it was misleading and a number of fans who have pre-ordered the Ultimate edition will have been short-changed.

One Twitter user responded: “There are mistakes and then there [are] details posted in legitimate FAQs… At some point, you need accurate and efficient verification of information or you need to honour your mistake. It’s borderline false advertising”.

Another responded sarcastically: “Could you just double check everything else you’ve written please? Are Hero cards still coming out this year or is that for FIFA 23?”

A third commented: “It is an electronic item with no real terms value or cost to you. You should act in good faith and deliver the advertised product.”

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Others, though, played down EA’s error and suggested anyone disappointed should request a refund with their purchaser.

FIFA 22 releases on October 1, or September 27 if you’ve pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition.