EA removes Russia from FIFA 22 & NHL 22 in “solidarity” with Ukraine

Russia players in NHL and FIFAEA SPORTS

In an effort to show solidarity towards the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, EA is  set to remove Russia from their FIFA and NHL titles, two of the publisher’s flagship series.

EA have shown no hesitation in axing controversial players in the past, and it appears that the publisher is set to take a stand once again.

Originally leaked via a company email, and later confirmed by EA, plans are in motion Russia from two of their major sports releases – FIFA and NFL. This comes as a message of support for the people of Ukraine, after Russia launched an invasion of their country.

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Russia match in NHL EA SPORTS
Russian teams and players make up a large part of FIFA and NHL’s roster.

In a statement from the official FIFA Twitter account, it was confirmed that Russian clubs would be removed from FIFA products, in a “call for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine.”

NHL 22 followed suit shortly after, adding that club or national teams tied to Russia or Belarus would be axed in the “coming weeks.”

It does, however, still remain to be seen how Ultimate Team modes will be handled. Players from Russia and Belarus make up part of the Ultimate Team roster found in both games, which fans can purchase from an in-game market.

In the past, EA have taken out specific players when need be, but we’ll have to wait and see if the publisher chooses to completely purge Russia’s presence in the modes.

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Ultimate Team also features Russian kits, badges, tifos, and other cosmetics, so we’re expecting to see those done away with also. The usual protocol is to price fix the removed items, to stop players from trying to make a quick profit.

There is still no concrete timeline as to how long it will take for the content in question to leave the games, however, the team assured fans that any action would be clearly communicated when it is taken.

As this is still a developing story, we’ll be sure to keep this article updated as and when more details are confirmed.

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