EA Servers down? FIFA 20 online server status & maintenance monitoring

by David Purcell
Graphics: EA


If you are one of those FIFA 20 players who have found themselves frantically looking for information about not being able to get into matches, sudden downtime or maintenance, this article should be able to tell you whether or not the EA servers are down. 

As many will know already, game developers can either have expected downtimes that are announced in advance, informing players to keep away from the game for a certain period of time while things are changed.

However, when you can see "EA servers" trending on social media and your game suddenly isn't allowing you to jump into a few games of Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, or have access to online features in FIFA 20, people need somewhere to look in order to monitor the situation.

EA Sports
Seeing the EA servers are having problems in FIFA isn't ideal, but below we've got the latest status.


The normal EA SPORTS protocol for unexpected server issues is to keep their followers updated on Twitter, posting messages to inform members of the community about possible connection issues and server status.

Downtime can occur in FIFA randomly, due to connectivity problems, or planned for updates to gameplay.

Below, you can find the most up-to-date server status for EA games, which we monitor regularly for our readers. This should help you stay in the loop and know not only when things are having issues, but when they're going to be resolved by developers as well.


Are EA servers down? (April 21)

EA servers are currently working as intended, however FIFA titles will be brought offline in the very near future. As scheduled maintenance takes place on April 22 at 6AM UTC, match creation will be disabled for roughly 60 minutes.

30 minutes prior to the maintenance, players will be unable to create new games in order to avoid complications when the servers are taken down temporarily. The maintenance is only expected to last for 30 minutes, until roughly 6:30 AM UTC.


As is usually the case with this type of article, we will continually update it over time in order to keep players in the know with server problems and the latest.

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