EA finally reveals FIFA 22 gameplay and FUT players can’t decide if they like it

Jude Bellingham appears in digital form in EA SPORTS FIFA 22 gameplay reveal trailer.EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has finally lifted the lid on FIFA 22 gameplay and their long-promised “overhaul,” and it’s split the FUT community right down the middle ⁠— while some players are loving the updates, others are less than impressed.

FIFA 22’s gameplay trailer finally dropped on July 29, with a hefty helping of details on the new “HyperMotion” technology unveiled by EA SPORTS in the premiere.

So what is HyperMotion?

Well, according to EA SPORTS, the new feature “combines advanced 11v11 match capture with machine learning” to brew up ⁠— in theory, at least ⁠— upgraded FIFA gameplay. It also includes a full animation refresh (the biggest in FIFA history, EA claims) that should “raise responsiveness and intensity” in-game.

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There were a bunch of other technical terms thrown out in the July 29 trailer: ML-Flow (capture data recording 8.7 million frames), new ‘Tactical AI’ players, “Kinetic Air Battles,” and a nifty “Composed Ball Control” feature.

All these jazzy FIFA 22 changes sound interesting, but it’s left the franchise’s player base split ⁠— while some are “all in,” others are threatening to quit the series.

One star FIFA player who is less than convinced is Kurt, who has been permanently banned from the franchise since early 2020. He praised the early reveal as “incredible,” but added a warning: “When has any pitch notes been bad to read? Words and reality are two very different things when it comes to EA. Time will tell.”

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It’s a sentiment that’s been echoed around the FIFA fandom.

While many are looking forward to the game, and said as much, others are certain FIFA gameplay “won’t change enough” for it to actually matter long-term.

One fan on Reddit said they were “quietly excited” after the trailer, which was met with immediate vitriol. Others laid the worry on thick: “Are you new?” one replied. “Every year they eliminate the over-powered things… [then] people find the next OP stuff and just abuse it instead”. Another simply wrote: “It’ll be disappointing.”

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Redditor /u/JamesHowell91 also said, “This sounds really promising, but like every year [I think] there will be a broken mechanic,” before adding that the FIFA servers will “go back to shit” after launch and rule gameplay changes obsolete.

Specific moments in the trailer have also come under fire. At the 2:38 mark, the diving goalkeeper (a digital Edouard Mendy) was dubbed “jaggy” and delayed.

Fans are picking apart FIFA's July 29 gameplay trailer.EA SPORTS
Fans are picking apart FIFA’s July 29 gameplay trailer.

FIFA loyalists will be pleased to hear the community isn’t completely devoid of hope for the franchise’s 27th title, however. One big name that came out in its defense was YouTuber Nepenthez, who said he “didn’t get the hate.”

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“We complain about the things wrong with FIFA, we ⁠— at times ⁠— literally beg EA to make positive changes.

[Then] EA reveals they’ve made changes on many things we’ve asked,” he continued, “it’s met with even more abuse. Let’s celebrate the fact EA are quite clearly working on improving things we’ve moaned about for years.”

Other stars have voiced similar opinions. ChuBoi, who used to work at EA, said the trailer looked “really good,” while MattHDGamer admitted he was impressed.

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On Reddit, /u/ClueL3ss92 said: “I’m really excited for this.”

There are plenty of FIFA fans who were impressed with the July 29 trailer.

FIFA 22 will drop on October 1. For those FUT fans already chomping at the bit after this gameplay reveal, you can get your hands on the 2021 game four days early via the Ultimate Edition. For more FIFA 22 leaks, news and guides, stick with us @UltimateTeamUK and @FUTWatch on Twitter.

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