EA responds after giving FIFA 23 players early access by mistake

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EA SPORTS has admitted it accidentally granted FIFA 23 players early access on Xbox One console, which sparked a wave of footage being leaked.

On August 30, a wave of FIFA 23 leaks spread over social media, as some members of the community were surprised to see they had been given the game earlier than expected.

The next installment is expected to drop on September 27, with EA Play dropping before that, which opens up a 10-hour window to test it out before making a purchase.

However, a mistake from developers has led to some players diving in for two hours, at least a month ahead of schedule.

A popular streamer, Nepenthez, was one of many to notice the slip-up. They said: “People some how getting on FIFA 23 on Xbox already. Game isn’t even released yet and mistake #1 is here!”

EA responds to FIFA 23 early access mistake

In a post to their followers on FIFA Direct Communication, EA clarified the situation and revealed the decision that has been taken.

They said: “Yesterday we unintentionally gave a small number of players access to a two-hour trial of the Xbox One version of FIFA 23 that shouldn’t be available yet.

“Not all content was final. We’ve removed that access, and we’ll be ready to welcome everyone in at launch in September.”

With the two-hour trial being confirmed as unintentional, it has been shut down. This means that fans will have to wait for EA Play to dive back into the game.