EA provides update on missing FIFA 20 Twitch Prime rewards

Bill Cooney
EA Sports

FIFA 20 players began complaining that they hadn’t received their free Twitch Prime packs at the end of February, and EA has finally responded with a fix for the problem.

A free, FIFA 20 Twitch Prime FUT Winter Refresh pack was announced for players who have their EA and Twitch accounts liked on February 19.

Free FUT packs are always a sweet deal, but soon after the offer went live, players started complaining they hadn’t received any packs.

The Winter Refresh update released Icon prime moment cards into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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On March 2, 2020, the @EAHelp Twitter account posted that players who had their Twitch accounts linked and were eligible would be receiving their rewards in-game.

“We’ve sent out all missing Twitch Prime rewards to all eligible players,” the company wrote on Twitter. “You’ll get them when you log in to the game.”

Despite the announced fix, some users were still reporting they hadn’t received their free pack in the replies to EA, so you may have to log on and see for yourself if the pack actually showed up.

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The pack is well worth picking up for free with a Prime membership, since it’s an 81+ OVR Player Pack including: 1x guaranteed 81+ OVR Item and 4x rare gold player items.

Winter Refresh packs should be in your store section as a player pick where you’re able to select from a few of the cards that were released on February 14 as well.

It can get quite pricey to kit out your Ultimate squad with packs, which is why the occasional free ones are appreciated by players, when they’re awarded as they’re supposed to be that is.

Now that you should ideally have your free Winter Refresh pack, we hope luck is on your side and you end up with a card you’ll be proud to put on your Ultimate Team.