DrErhano Rage Quits on Main Stage at FIFA eWorld Cup 2018


Two time FIFA eWorld Cup champion, Ethan ‘DrErhano’ Kayman, found himself on the wrong side of the scoreboard and rage quit on competitive FIFA’s biggest stage.

When frustration builds as things do not go your way, it is easy to let that anger slip through the cracks and get the best of you. 

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Every gamer has been in those shoes a time or two, but very rarely do we see a professional rage quit on the main stage of an event. 

DrErhano was only down by one goal when he made his surprisingly early exit. 

His body language suggested his frustration as he struggled to retain possession of the ball following an early game red card that forced him to play a man down. 

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The aggregate score of the matchup showed the former champion in a two-point deficit, and by the time he quit in the 80th minute, it was unlikely that he could mount a comeback.

Fans received the incident with mixed emotions, while some were sympathetic, others were confused as the scoreboard did not indicate a blowout.

Tournament officials were not pleased with the reaction and were forced to adhere to tournament regulations forbidding such behavior.

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The incident occurred in the qualifying rounds for the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Unfortunately, for DrErhano, he has been disqualified from the remainder of the event.

Gamers will be familiar with teammates and opponents rage quitting now and then, but not as many can say they’ve seen it on the main stage.