Castro_1021 just got FIFA 22 perma banned live on Twitch

Dylan Horetski
castro 1021
Twitch: Castro_1021

Popular FIFA Twitch streamer Castro_1021 has been permanently banned on FIFA 22 for alleged FUT coin distribution. 

With over 3.3 million followers on Twitch, Castro_1021 has provided consistent entertainment to fans of FIFA over the years – and bought a whole lot of FIFA Points along the way, for his pack openings.

The last thing he and his dedicated fanbase would have expected to see would be a permanent ban from Ultimate Team.

However, on December 2, that’s exactly what they got.

Signature Signings FUT Loading Screen.
Castro dropped thousands of FIFA Points just days before the ban, for the Black Friday promo.

Why has Castro been banned on FIFA 22?

During a live Twitch stream, Castro_1021 was playing FIFA 22 when he experienced server connection errors. He could not sell cards, search for players, or interact with any FUT market features.

Shortly after, he was presented with a message stating that he was permanently banned from FIFA 22’s FUT market, with EA accusing him of FUT coin distribution.

The message said: “Coin distribution is against our rules, so we have permanently banned your account from the FUT Transfer market.”

Castro_1021 reacts to FUT ban

As you might expect, the popular creator was not too pleased by the alert.

After getting the ban message, the streamer quickly screamed: “What?! Permanently banned? I just dropped 300k FIFA points on Black Friday and you think I’m coin distributing?!”

The permanent ban relates solely to his ability to trade cards on the FUT market, which will still have a significant impact on his streams.

Pack openings and trading are really popular online, with Castro being one of the biggest creators of that type of content in the game’s community.

As the Team of the Group Stage promo starts on December 3, the timing literally couldn’t be worse.

Unlike a permanent ban from the entire game, though, this could be resolved in a matter of hours.

A day later: Castro is still banned

Many fans of Castro believed that thanks to his partnership with EA, as well as being such a big streamer, he would be unbanned quickly. However, he is still banned a day later.