How to do the best FIFA 22 celebrations: Controls guide

Bill Cooney. Last updated: Oct 05, 2021
FIFA 22 celebration controls
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There’s nothing better than dropping in a timely goal and letting your FIFA 22 opponent know what’s what with the perfect celebration. If you’re looking for how to pull off a certain FIFA 22 post-score move, look no further.

Celebrations are the best part of online play for some players, whether you’re playing a friend or a random, flexing after a goal is a must. FIFA 22 even adds several new ones to toss out there as well.

New or old, we’ve got a ton of FIFA celebrations gathered right here. Whether you’re looking for a certain one or a just a general refresher, chances are you’ll find it below.

FIFA 22 Celebration controls

fifa 22 dortmund
Celebrations are a crucial part of playing the mental game in FIFA 22 online matches.

New FIFA 22 Celebrations

Below are the controls for all kinds of FIFA 22 celebrations (new ones first), with instructions for both Playstation and Xbox:

  • Picture
    • PS: Hold R2 + press Square
    • Xbox: Hold RT and press X
  • Point 
    • PS: Hold L1, flick RS x2
    • Xbox: Hold LB, Flick R x2
  • Fingers 
    • PS: Hold L2 + press R3
    • Xbox: Hold LT + press R3
  • Time Check
    • PS: Hold R2 + flick RS right then left
    • Xbox: Hold RT + Flick R right then left

Classic FIFA 22 Celebrations

fifa 22 chelsea
Knowing every FIFA 22 celebration won’t help you score, but it will make scoring much more fun.
  • Random Celebration
    • PS: O
    • Xbox: B
  • Signature Celebration
    • PS: X
    • Xbox: A
  • Cancel Celebration
    • PS: L1 + R1
    • Xbox: LB + RB

Running FIFA 22 Celebrations

  • Aeroplane
    • PS: Hold R3
    • Xbox: Hold R3
  • Telephone
    • PS: Hold R down
    • Xbox: Hold R down
  • Blow Kisses
    • PS: Flick R down then hold R up
    • Xbox: Flick R down then hold R up
  • Head on Head
    • PS: Flick R right then hold R right
    • Xbox: Flick R right then hold R right
  • Windmill
    • PS: Spin R clockwise
    • Xbox: Spin R clockwise

Finishing move FIFA 22 Celebrations

A good FIFA celebration gets the whole team involved.
  • Swagger
    • PS: Hold R1 + double tap O
    • Xbox: Hold RB + double tab B
  • Pigeon
    • PS: Hold R1 + Press R3
    • Xbox: Hold RB + press R3
  • Timber
    • PS: Hold L2 + press O
    • Xbox: Hold LT + press B
  • Hypnosis
    • PS: Hold L2 + press ∆
    • Xbox: Hold Lt + press Y
  • Stir the Pot
    • PS: Hold L2 + double tap ∆
    • Xbox: Hold LT + double tap Y
  • Spanish Dance
    • PS: Hold L2 + flick R up x2
    • Xbox: Hold LT + flick R up X2
  • Golf Swing
    • PS: Hold R1 + flick R left then right
    • Xbox: Hold RB + flick R left then right
  • Giddy Up
    • PS: Hold L1 + Press R3
    • Xbox: Hold LB + press R3