Anderlecht’s Samir Nasri has his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team revealed


RSC Anderlecht midfielder Samir Nasri has had his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team revealed, and and to say it’s full to the brim with TOTS So Far cards would be underselling it. 

Samir Nasri has, like many real life footballers, been known to dip his toes into the world of FIFA. Away from taking issue with EA’s servers – like most of us! – it seems he is a keen FUT Champions Weekend League player. 

 The former Arsenal and Manchester City midfielder is currently on the books at Anderlecht and, despite struggling for appearances since signing in July on a free transfer, he’s got a pretty powerful Ultimate Team line-up in his back pocket.

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An image of Samir Nasri playing for ArsenalWiki Media Commons – Ronnie McDonald
Many football fans will remember Nasri’s spell at Arsenal before he moved on to Manchester City.

A FIFA fan by the name ‘u/Abdulrahman-Barzanji‘ shared Nasri’s FIFA Ultimate Team, and it’s significantly different to the one we showed you in January.

Like the majority of professional players who play FUT, the Premier League winner has got his own custom 99-rated card pulling the strings. While his 99 OVR card was previously in midfield, it seems Nasri wanted to get his own name on the scoresheet more often, as it now plays up top. 

Samir Nasri’s FIFA 20 Ultimate Team – May 18, 2020

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As you can see, there are huge changes to Nasri’s UT. Nearly all of the icons have been done away with, replaced by a host of TOTSSF cards. Mbappe, Ter Stegen and Varane all come in, replacing Maldini, van der Sar and Maradona. We’re not sure what the motivation for Neymar at CDM is, but each to their own.

We’ve put all the players from the two XIs into a table below, so you can compare the changes more easily. To make things simpler, the 4-2-3-1 central formation remains in place.

Samir Nasri’s new Ultimate Team: How it used to look: 
GK: Marc-Andre ter Stegen – 95 GK: Edwin van der Sar – 92
RB: Dani Carvajal – 94 RB: Gianluca Zambrotta – 91
CB: Raphael Varane – 97 CB: Paolo Maldini – 95
CB: Carlos – 91 CB: Virgil Van Dijk – 99
LB: Alex Sandro – 91 LB: Roberto Carlos – 93
CDM: Neymar – 95 CDM: Michael Essien – 92
CDM: Frenkie De Jong – 94 CDM: Samir Nasri – 99
CAM: Ronaldo – 97 CAM: Pele – 99
CAM: Kylian Mbappe – 98 CAM: Diego Maradona – 99
CAM: Eusebio – 94 CAM: Kaka – 94
ST: Samir Nasri – 99 ST: Kenny Dalglish – 93

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While the overall of the squad may have fallen slightly, we’re not sure it will be impacting Nasri too much given the ridiculous strength of his XI. 

What his bench looks like is a different story, but we’re guessing that Nasri’s club is filled with some pretty powerful cards. Though, not many of them are probably going to cracking his insane starting XI.