Alphonso Davies reveals insane upgrade to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

Bill Cooney

Bayern Munich’s superstar full-back Alphonso Davies is one of the quickest FIFA 22 players in the game, and his Ultimate Team has gone through a massive upgrade over the last few months. 

Davies’ first FUT squad was revealed on September 27, 2021, the same day FIFA 22 access went live for Ultimate Edition owners.

Now, several months into FIFA 22 Alphonso has given his side a massive upgrade, making it into one you definitely don’t want to run into during FUT Champs.

FIFA 22: Alphonso Davies reveals Ultimate Team

EA Sports
Davies’ squad is almost exclusively filled with ICONs like keeper Lev Yashin.

If you expected his side to be full of other Bayern Munich players, you will be disappointed – as the Canadian star has opted for a side chock full of ICONs, save for Mbappe’s VIP card.

Funnily enough, he’s actually put his own cards on reserve, not even making the bench. It has to be tough to take yourself out of your own FUT team, but his 86 OVR Rulebreakers just can’t compare to the cards he has starting.

The full team can be seen below:

  • GK: Yashin
  • CB: Desailly
  • CB: Maldini
  • LB: Carlos
  • RB: Capita
  • CDM: Gullit
  • CM: Kaka
  • CM: Maradona
  • CAM: Pele
  • ST: Ronaldo
  • ST: Mbappe

The picture was posted to his Instagram story on January 24, and has since been doing the rounds on Reddit and other social media platforms. As you can see, it’s an extremely impressive lineup, which is worth a mind-boggling amount of coins in-game.

It’s always good to see what the real professional players are up to in FIFA 22, and some of them are impressive gamers in their own right. Last year, for example, Liverpool’s Diogo Jota reached the top-ranked spot in the world at one stage.

We’re sure to see even more impressive lineups from pros as time goes on, as there’s plenty of time left in FIFA 22’s life cycle still to go.