Limmy finds Fallout 4 bug in record time while streaming on Twitch

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Bethesda-developed games and bugs go hand-in-hand, but Twitch streamer Limmy discovered one in record time during Fallout 4’s intro sequence.

Players have become so accustomed to Bethesda’s glitch-filled titles that the company is often referred to as “Bugthesda.”

And it seems to have gotten worse with the studio’s most recent releases, specifically when looking at Fallout 76. The online-centric RPG launched in a dismal state, with more than its fair share of game-breaking bugs in tow.

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While fans hope the long-awaited Starfield doesn’t arrive in a similar state, one Fallout 4 glitch is a reminder of how quickly things can go off the rails.

Bethesda bug appears during Limmy’s Fallout 4 run in record time

During a recent Fallout 4 broadcast, Twitch streamer Limmy encountered a weird bug much earlier than anyone would anticipate.

The glitch in question is one of the audio variety and occurs just as the introductory sequence comes to a close. Interestingly, the narrator’s “War never changes” line plays as normal. However, something weird happens when the male protagonist delivers the line a few seconds later.

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The protagonist’s lips move as expected, but the actual voice-over doesn’t kick in until it’s too late. As seen in the clip below, Limmy is nothing short of confused by the bug.

Limmy’s clip title jokes that this sets the world record for a “find a bug in a Bethesda game” speedrun. Though few would be surprised if a classic Bethesda bug just so happened to rear its head even earlier in Fallout 4.

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Again, here’s to hoping the studio’s track record will change once the spacefaring Starfield hits store shelves.

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