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How to join Order of Mysteries faction in Fallout 76

Published: 20/Nov/2018 2:45 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 2:58

by Wyatt Donigan


Factions are incredibly important in Fallout 76 and there’s one in particular that is a bit tough to find.

As is the case with every Fallout game, factions play a big role in terms of questing and obtaining gear.

While some factions are very easy to find and pop up very early in the game, the Order of Mysteries is a bit tougher to find but is well worth the hunt.

Finding the Worn Veil is the first step on the journey to finding the Order of Mysteries in Fallout 76.

The Order of Mysteries is a faction that has a familiar background to those well-versed in the lore of Fallout 4. The leader of the Order of Mysteries is the same person who played Mistress of Mystery in the fictional TV show, Silver Shroud in the Fallout universe.


To find the Mistress herself and gain access to the Faction, you’ll first need to head towards Charleston to find the Whitespring Resort.

Once you make your way there, search the grounds to find the body of a young woman in an alleyway. Upon looting her body, you will find an item called the Worn Veil.

You’ll then take the veil and make your way to the Riverside Manor that’s overrun with Scorched, so come prepared to do battle.

Once you clear out the area, put on the veil and head inside the manor in search of the parlor that’s downstairs.


The Cryptos Terminal is the key to becoming a member of the Order of Mysteries in Fallout 76.

There will be a bookcase in the parlor that, when approached with the veil on, will reveal a hidden entrance that gives you access to the manor’s bunker, which is the home of the Order of Mysteries.

All that’s left is to use the Cryptos Terminal to register as an Initiate of the Order of Mysteries and then all the faction quest-lines will be made available to you.