Full-size Fallout Power Armor statue discovered at estate sale for insane price

fallout power armor statueBethesda Softworks

While browsing through an estate sale, a Fallout fan spotted a full-sized Power Armor statue that’s wildly overpriced.

Fallout’s iconic Power Armor units have existed since the first game’s debut, where they served as a piece of endgame equipment.

It’s appeared in every Fallout title since then, even popping up in the likes of Fallout Shelter and the oft-forgotten Fallout Tactics.

As such, Bethesda has immortalized the famous armor design in myriad ways over the years. Busts of Power Armor helmets aren’t hard to come by, for example. And countless figurines of all sizes exist in the wild.

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Sometimes, though, Fallout faithful stumble across Power Armor memorabilia that simply isn’t worth the asking price.

Overpriced Fallout Power Armor statue appears in estate sale

Reddit user TheBigGalactis attended an estate sale that featured a life-sized Power Armor statue. The massive Fallout collectible wanted customers to pay a pretty penny for it, too.

According to the Redditor, the Fallout statue ran for $5,000. It’s not just any piece of memorabilia, though; this particular collectible dates back to the Fallout 3 days evidenced by the logo attached to its base.

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Redditor EarlGray_Picard commented it’s probably a retail display model from the Fallout 3 launch in 2008. Apparently, their local Best Buy sold off a similar statue for $500 “to get rid of it.”

TheBigGalactis noted the one pictured above must’ve come from GameStop, since other items in the estate sale were GameStop-branded preorder bonuses and advertising posters.

Either way, $5,000 for a Fallout Power Armor statue is nothing if not egregiously expensive.

While a new Fallout entry could be a decade or so out from release, Bethesda Softworks is hoping to sate fans with a television series.

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The Fallout TV show from Amazon is well into its production, though details about its release presently remain under lock and key.

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