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Fallout 76: How to get the Fallout Classic Collection for free

Published: 26/Dec/2018 18:58 Updated: 26/Dec/2018 19:55

by Wyatt Donigan


Given the incredibly shaky launch that Fallout 76 has had, players will no doubt be happy to hear that there is a bit of a good coming their way in 2019.

While Fallout 76 was one of the most anticipated games of 2018, it has seen nothing but controversy after controversy since its release on November 14.

As a bit of an olive branch to the community, though, Bethesda is offering players the Fallout Classic Collection on PC as a token of good fortune.

Even though the PC version of the Collection is the only one set to be available, players on all platforms will be given the chance to download it.


To get your free copy, all you have to do is have logged into Fallout 76 at any point this year, which means there’s still a few days left to become eligible for the extra goodies for all players.

Fallout 76 has had easily the rockiest launches of 2018 as Bethesda has been fighting a constant uphill battle to regain approval from the fan base.

From a scandal involving the unexpected quality of Collector’s Edition goodies to the various bugs, the controversies have come frequently and in large number over the last month.


Despite this, however, a number of patches have been released that have fixed some of the more glaring issues present at launch.


As we head into 2019, Bethesda has even outlined future patches and detailed what they hope to achieve moving forward.

This road map along with the free games could be a sign of great things ahead in the coming months.