Fallout 76 Wise Mothman location: Where to find and rewards

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Fallout 76 wise mothman location

Fallout 76 makes the most out of its West Virginian folklore with the inclusion of Mothman and other legends. Here’s where you can find the mysterious cryptid.

 Those familiar with cryptozoology may already know about Mothman. In legend, he’s a humanoid being that stalks the skies of West Virginia, making prophetic revelations to those unlucky enough to cross his path.

Fallout 76 goes all-in on the myth, taking full advantage of its setting and makes Mothman a legendary monster in the game universe too. In fact, he can be found during a random encounter and much of his lore can be discovered in the game – along with him.

Like the rest of those who inhabit the Fallout games, Mothman has also felt the effects of nuclear war. Since the bombs, some residents of the wasteland have begun to worship Mothman like a god, mistaking his myth for something more. However, in Fallout, Mothman is more than just a legend; he’s very real.


Fallout 76
Fallout 76’s take on the Mothman legend is pretty terrifying.

Mothman Encounters

There is a very good reason why Mothman is worshipped in Fallout 76, but we’ll let you discover why for yourself. You’ll start hearing about Mothman well before you get the chance to meet him. You can do this by spending time with the Cult of Mothman faction in Appalachia. Although, these guys have shrines all over the map.

In-game, there are actually many Mothmen, apparently descended from the original pre-war Wise Mothman. They can be spotted in the wild and may only spawn during the evening and at specific random encounter locations. It’s also worth pointing out that you’ll never see a Mothman during the day.

The good news is not all Mothmen attack the player on sight. Many will simply watch the player while they approach and won’t aggro unless provoked. The passive Mothmen will vanish, leaving a dark shadow behind.

Wise Mothman location

The Wise Mothman is the original Mothman of legend. He’s bigger than most Mothmen and has bright purple eyes. He’s also non-hostile to the player. In fact, he’s totally benevolent.

The OG or Wise Mothman can be found during The Path to Enlightenment quest. This is a special event that takes place at the Landview Lighthouse in the Forest region of Appalachia. If you travel southeast from Vault 76, you’ll soon discover the location.

It’s weird to see a lighthouse so far from the sea, but there’s a good reason. The lighthouse exists to summon Mothman. Interestingly it’s free from any Cult of Mothman members, except the skeleton at the top of the lighthouse. Reading this poor departed soul’s diary will lend some insight as to why the lighthouse exists. You can also find a terminal in the house that goes into more detail.

fallout 76 wise mothman
Wise Mothman is a pretty fierce looking beast.

The Path to Wise Mothman

The area will be infested with fireflies and radtoads, but these enemies are the key to meeting the Wise Mothman. Killing them nets you Bioluminescent fluid. You need 50 of these to power up the lighthouse, so get to work.

The toads drop the most fluid, so focus on them. You can make them respawn by running between the house and the lighthouse. Also, look out for some ghouls lurking nearby too, they’ll likely aggro once the melee begins.

The process doesn’t take long. Once you have 50 Bioluminescent fluids, venture to the top of the lighthouse and deposit them into the lamp. You’ll receive random loot as a reward for your trouble. But you’ll also be treated to an encounter with the Wise Mothman.

Mothman will wait for you at the bottom of the lighthouse. Approaching him is perfectly safe, and once you do he’ll grant you his boon of a 5% XP bonus for an hour. So, this is an excellent quest to complete before you do a bigger one that nets a lot of experience.

Completing this mission also helps you progress in The Order of the Tadpole questline, so killing those toads is well worth your time. Wise Mothman can also be spotted during a random encounter throughout the game. This can happen anywhere. However, he won’t grant you his boon a second time, but he remains friendly.

So that’s everything you need to know about Fallout 76’s Mothman! For all of the latest news, be sure to check out our dedicated Fallout 76 page.

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