Top 3 tips for Fall Guys after the Big Yeetus update

Mediatonic/Devolver Digital

Developer Mediatonic has released a brand new patch for Fall Guys titled The Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus Update and it changes the game up in a pretty significant way. Here’s some tips to help you out.

When Fall Guys first launched back in August 2020, the game had a surprising amount of predictability. The way each player acted was, of course, completely random and you always had to take that into account, each object in the levels worked the exact same way in the exact same patterns. This, of course, allowed you to memorize the level in an easy way.

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Now, developer Mediatonic has released The Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus Update for the game, which brings a new level of chaos to each and every level. Sometimes objects will be moving faster than normal, sometimes they’ll be moving in a different direction, and sometimes there will be whole new objects that weren’t there at all before.

This new patch might be a bit intimidating for some players, so here’s some tips to keep you level headed when diving into Fall Guys after the new update.

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Throw out all of your previous strategies

Because of the new update, most of the objects in the game now are random. The full list of changes is currently unknown but there seems to be a vast range of possibilities.

For example, in Gate Crash, the speed and the order in which doors move up and down can be completely different than before, so if you memorized the pattern before, it’ll no longer help you.

Because of this, you should really just throw out your previous strategies. They won’t help you much anymore and while that can be a bit intimidating, you don’t want to utilize them now and get left behind on the level.

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Use Big Yeetus to your advantage

For those that don’t know, Big Yeetus is a giant spinning hammer that was made a part of Fall Guys with the last update. How and where Big Yeetus will appear is pretty random and if you unintentionally get hit by it, you may find yourself getting flung across the level in a way that you didn’t want.

That being said, if you time it right, you’ll be able to use Big Yeetus to your advantage. Because of how fast it spins, it could absolutely launch you across a large gap of the level, allowing you to skip that part if you so desire.

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While it might be unfair to say that Big Yeetus will… Yeet you across the finish line every time, it may help you in your quest to qualify.

Taking your time is now more important than ever

This was something to note before the update but it matters now more than ever. Take your time. Seriously, it’s ok if you’re not in first place in the first couple races or if you take a couple extra seconds to time your jump right. Everybody is doing it now that the update is out.

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The first thing you need to do when you join a match now is take in your surroundings and patterns. Watch how objects behave because chances are it’s different than how they behaved before. Panicking will more than likely result in your loss, while taking your time just might let you qualify.

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